Life’s Important Moments: April 2019

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In Memoriam

Our thoughts and condolences are with the family and friends of the following current and retired City employees who have passed away. The number after the name indicates years of service.

Active (years of service)
La Lande, Shannon DWP 22
Thepprasit, Apithan DWP 15

Retired (years of service)
Alatorre, Charles DWP 32
Antoniol, Victor Bldg. and Safety 21
Apodaca, Alfred DWP 35
Blinn, William DWP 32
Blish, Donald DWP 25
Bourne, Lynton Public Works 39
Brantley, Randle LAPD 17
Brown, Robert Rec and Parks 35
Burke, Earl Public Works 6
Carrasco, Kenneth City Attorney 33
Colby, Patricia LAPD 8
Cole, Douglas Public Works 14
Coleman, Pauline LAPD 21
Cortez, Raymundo Convention Center 11
Crowell, Robert DWP 30
Davis, Jennie LAPD 10
Espiritu, Antonio Rec and Parks 28
Fields, Edna Library 10
Fox, Howard City Attorney 37
Gabaldon, Richard Airports 40
Gamero, Jorge Rec and Parks 6
Garcia, Bennie Transportation 36
Grant, Mary Library 10
Greenwald, Evelyn Library 43
Hamilton, James LAPD 15
Hammer, Donald DWP 37
Hanson, Patricia DWP 39
Hendrix, Ardis Public Works 34
Hernandez, Manuel Public Works 23
Hokenson, Evelyn DWP 38
Jackson, Dillard Harbor 23
Jackson, Nelson Public Works 31
Kassler II, Kenneth DWP 30
Lawler, Roy Harbor 34
Lehmer, Darwin DWP 20
Manley, David Public Works 35
Matoi, Masaru City Planning 31
Mattingly, Joseph Fire/Police Pns. 37
Mears, Thomas Personnel 15
McCloud, Ronald Airports 11
Meaglia, Catherine City Attorney 18
Mitchell, David Airports 17
Mitchell, Sheronda Transportation 27
Nakamura, Douglas Bldg. and Safety 22
Nelson, William Public Works 31
Nobuhiro, Ray Public Works 30
Pearson, Gregory DWP 26
Petryka, Zbyslaw Public Works 10
Rifkin, Sam City Clerk 16
Ruidera, Julian DWP 24
Sessler, Lennie LAPD 18
Shima, Andrew DWP 34
Solano, Joe General Services 31
Taad, Manuela Econ./Wrkfrc. Dev. 20
Tatum, Vanessa DWP 37
Thomas, Joseph Harbor 36
Thrush, Dale City Council 10
Trujillo, Ralph DWP 41
Valentine, Ellis Public Works 18
Vasquez, David DWP 27
Victor, Ruben General Services 25
Waggoner, Thelaine Transportation 28
Walker, Eddie Rec and Parks 13
Williams, Roger General Services 29
Yale, Donald DWP 30
Yamaki, Audrey Harbor 39
Yamamoto, Toshio DWP 23