Life’s Important Moments: Oct. 2018

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Isaiah Smith
graduated from Dartmouth College in New Hampshire with a degree in linguistics and a minor in engineering. He plans to pursue a graduate degree in engineering. He’s the son of Airport Police Sgt. II Nigel Smith, Retired.

Daryll A. Malano
graduated magna cum laude from Los Angeles City College, majoring in accounting. He’s working for a private firm and hopes to work eventually for the City. He’s the son of Wilson A. Malano, Housing.

Collin Hiramoto
graduated from South High School in Torrance and is now attending San Francisco State University, majoring in business administration. He’s the son of Frances Shimono, Controller’s Office.

Ashley Watrin
graduated from St. John Eudes elementary school in Chatsworth, and served as valedictorian. She plans to graduate from Chaminade High School and to pursue medicine in college. She’s the daughter of Michael Watrin, Public Works.




Congratulations to Petros and Lucina Khachatrian, married Sept. 8 at
St. Mary’s Armenian Church in Glendale. Petros is the Club’s IT Developer.

From left: Brian Trent, Club CFO; John Hawkins, Club CEO; Petros Khachatrian, Club IT Developer; and Robert Larios, Club COO.
Petros and Lucina Khachatrian.


Special Achievements

Congratulations to Therese Wesdy for her retirement from the City and being recognized by the Board of Public Works for her 33 years of City service. Her family, friends and colleagues came out to see the presentation at City Hall Aug. 2.

Retired Club Member Gary Boehm completed his second tandem skydive at the Perris Valley Airport and received his certificate of achievement Aug. 8.


Remembering Eugene Greene

Eugene Greene
Died July 5, 2018
Public Works/Sanitation
Was Active City Employee
51 years of City service

Who was Eugene (Gene) Greene?

He was my friend for almost 50 years. We met in the Planning Dept. as he worked on his landscape architect degree from Cal Poly, Pomona.

For those who knew him, you may or may not know that in addition to being a husband, father and brother, he was a master of many trades:

  • He was caretaker of the Japanese Gardens often referred to as “Gene’s” gardens.
  • A skillful auto mechanic.
  • A backflow specialist.
  • A wine connoisseur.
  • A good friend.
  • And, yes, a workaholic.
    Goodbye dear friend.
    Sandy (Minjarez) Grange


In Memoriam

Our thoughts and condolences are with the family and friends of the following current and retired City employees who have passed away. The number after the name indicates years of service.

Active (years of service)
Amparo, Jimenez DWP 32
Greene, Eugene Public Works 51
Insong, Oscar Harbor 34
Lantion, Martin Finance 19
Ong, Linda DWP 3
Park, Gregory Yongpae Transportation 12
Parkhurst, Ruth City Attorney 16
Suarez Jr., David DWP 31

Retired (years of service)
Abruzzo, Anthony Public Works 15
Acosta, William DWP 32
Adrian, Margaret DWP 39
Aho, Robert DWP 26
Alvarez, Amelia Transportation 14
Ashbaugh, Charles DWP 26
Atwood, Frank DWP 20
Balbaneda, Edward DWP 32
Banks Sr., Herbert Transportation 31
Barabasz, Eugene Public Works 17
Beitler, Dennis Public Works 29
Bell, Lovely Elayne Transportation 32
Bornson, Ingvar Airports 13
Bosarreyes, Ubaldino Rec and Parks 7
Brindley, Mary Library 16
Briscoe, Phillip Public Works 7
Brown, Glenda DWP 4
Buffaloe, Ronald LAPD 11
Burdette, Odis Public Works 37
Burgos, Ramon DWP 18
Choudhry, Fazal Rec and Parks 17
Clemens, Marland DWP 33
Code, Ronald LAPD 20
Cook, Esther LAFD 22
Cook, Hurley Airports 31
Cormier, Joseph DWP 32
Corral, Efren Public Works 29
Craig, Thomas Rec and Parks 21
Dantzler, Alex Public Works 25
Dell, Thomas DWP 7
Dowe, Hanlon General Services 27
Erich, Patrick LAPD 30
Evans, Michael LAPD 13
Evans, Shirley City Clerk 27
Feingold, Morton Public Works 35
Figueroa, Miguel DWP 29
Finley, Debra DWP 25
Gabriel-Brown, Norma DWP 34
Garcia, Christine General Services 22
Gardner, John DWP 32
Gibson, Willie DWP 41
Gonzalez, Flor Airports 29
Golden, Robert DWP 16
Gomez, Chache DWP 27
Gonzalez, John DWP 29
Gonzalez, Rudolf DWP 34
Grant, Kathy May Airports 33
Grider, Charles Rec and Parks 29
Griffin, Josiah Public Works 30
Gunn, Rose LAPD 37
Hess, Arleen DWP 30
Hinkson, Winfield Building & Safety 14
Hollis, Simon General Services 28
Honore, Louis Transportation 26
Huang, Charles Public Works 42
Huebner, Randall Public Works 32
Hutchison, June Rec and Parks 32
Imp, Andrew Building & Safety 25
Johnson, Laymon LAPD 32
Jones, Daniel LAFD 9
Kayano, Roy Public Works 32
Keisner, Larry Public Works 23
Ketterer, Roger Public Works 31
King, Patricia LAPD 7
Ladeda, Mario DWP 31
Laidlaw, Michael Public Works 9
Laurich, Joseph Airports 12
Lavery, Beatrice Mayor’s Office 19
Lenahan, Thomas Transportation 20
Lennon, Robert Library 21
Lobbins, Jasper General Services 31
Locatelli, William Transportation 34
Lopez, Joshua Public Works 35
Luck, Elicia DWP 10
Lucree, William Public Works 31
Malcolm, Shirley LAPD 35
Mallory, Mary DWP 25
Mammoliti, Vincent DWP 17
Mann, William Public Works 5
Marufo, Anthony DWP 30
Matheis, Thomas Public Works 36
Megliorino, Charles Airports 9
Merrick, Freda Transportation 6
McCoy, Robert Transportation 32
Miller, Chester DWP 35
Miller, Gary General Services 31
Million, Samuel Public Works 20
Monroe, Betty Transportation 11
Morris, Eric Zoo 29
Morris, Mary DWP 32
Montgomery, Wilbert DWP 28
Munoz, Jess Rec and Parks 36
Munsch, Harold Rec and Parks 31
Nalapo, Emelito Housing 32
Nickell, Kent DWP 29
Noble, Ann Zoo 25
Omo, Paul Public Works 29
Othello, Fitzgerald Zoo 18
Parnell, Janice ITA 33
Parrish, Robert Public Works 38
Perez, Jorge General Services 12
Perez, Leandro Public Works 27
Peters, Richard Public Works 16
Petisme, Rodolfo Sanchez LAPD 21
Poole, Dolynn DWP 21
Raduziner, Frank DWP 20
Rains, Turner DWP 35
Ranslem, Dean DWP 31
Raphael, Howard Council 15
Rhoades, Judith Animal Services 43
Riley, Allen LAPD 38
Rivera, Salvador Martinez Airports 9
Roberts, Julius Public Works 36
Romack, Allen DWP 32
Rothschild, Norman Library 39
Sambrano, Danny DWP 39
Sanchez, Gilbert General Services 13
Sanchez, Joyce Controller 25
Sasaki, Hiroyuki Public Works 28
Sayah, Samuel LAPD 39
Schwaber, Anna City Attorney 39
Shamhart, Iris DWP 39
Skinner, Donna Lynn Public Works 19
Sloan, Robert DWP 8
Solis, Lilia Library 36
Sules, Normunds DWP 16
Tarquinio, John General Services 32
Tazio Jr., Armando DWP 28
Terry Sr., Ivory LAPD 20
Tosti, Glenda LAPD 18
Trammell, Olysee Transportation 16
Unite, Eddie Marquez Controller’s 19
Valencia, Arsenio Public Works 20
Vera, Daniel Transportation 16
Wayman, Donald City Planning 32
Webb, Russell Public Works 30
Wesley, Cleophus Public Works 10
Wilson, Gary Building & Safety 23
Woo, Takai Airports 9
Woods, Charles Public Works 35