Lifes Moments: Graduations August 2023

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Adriana Gonzalez
graduated from the California School for the Arts in the San Gabriel Valley and plans to attend UC Santa Cruz this fall, majoring in Latin American and Latino studies, and sociology. She’s the granddaughter of Gabriel Robles, Retired, Planning.

Brent Brewster
graduated from Granada Hills Charter High School and plans to study at UC San Diego this fall, majoring in electrical engineering. He plans to work for the LADWP someday. Brent is the son of Catherine Pelonero, LADWP.

Marissa Jost
graduated from Cal State Monterey Bay. She plans on continuing her education and receive a Master’s degree in human development. She’s working in educational counseling at UCLA. Marissa is the daughter of Emilia Cota, LADWP.


Claudia Serrato
graduated from the University of Washington and plans to educate people about ancestral and indigenous food ways of cooking. She’s the daughter of Rose Serrato, LAPD.

Victoria E. Gonzalez
graduated from Cal State LA and plans to continue pursuing higher education and “make the world an environmentally sustainable place.” She’s the daughter of George Gonzalez, Airports.