This Is Tonja Being Home for the Holidays

You all give me ideas for upping my game at home! Here is a picture of our trees this year.

– Tonja Bellard, Economic and Workforce Development

Tonja, your interior decorating skills are spectacular! You might think our “Home for the Holidays” cover last month inspired you, but I think you’re inspiring us. Thanks for submitting, and Happy New Year! – Ed.

See’s Candies Deal Was The Sweetest Gift of All

Your See’s Candies one-pound gift certificate was a sweet deal! Especially at $12.95 per pound. When I visited my local See’s to handpick my candy (yes, in Las Vegas, you can still visit the See’s store in person and have hand-picked selections), I found out that without my Club coupon, the cost per box would be $25.50. Naturally, I loaded up on Club coupons, opting to get the maximum 4. What a deal!

– David Tulanian, Retired, Library, Las Vegas