Larios in the Digital City: July


Robert Larios, the Club’s Chief Operating Officer, honors Club members with the coveted Club Retirement Plaque.

Club COO Robert Larios resumed his honoring of Club Members retiring by presenting the Club’s coveted retiree plaque – digitally.

Vickie Cartwright-Adams

The coronavirus pandemic has forced everyone to rethink everything including retirement parties. Rene Anderson, and Francisco Serrano, Personnel, Airports reached out to Club COO Robert Larios about participating in a stay-at-home digital retirement celebration (via Webex) to honor Vickie Cartwright-Adams, Personnel, Airports, 34 years of City service. (Vickie also worked in the Controller’s Office early in her City career.)

And thus Larios in the Digital City was born.

But what matters, as always, is that the Club honors and celebrates the careers of City employees who are retiring.

The Club congratulates Vickie for her excellent City career, and will get the Club retirement plaque to her as soon as possible.

Participating in the June 18 retirement party for Vickie Cartwright-Adams were (top row, from left) host Rene Anderson; Club COO Robert Larios, presenting the Club’s coveted retirement plaque; and Vickie. (Others participated, too.)

Congratulations Vickie!