Larios in the City: December 2022

Robert Larios, Club President and CEO, honors Club Members with the coveted Club Retirement Plaque.

This month’s honorees are:

  • Yolanda E. Williams
  • Aprile Benjamin
  • Victor Chavarria
  • Randolph Scott Salazar
  • Sophia Ponce De Leon
  • Sharon Jacobucci

Yolanda E. Williams

Personnel, Retired after 40 years of City service..

Aprile Benjamin

Harbor, Retired after 39 years of City service.

  • Victor Chavarria

  • DMV, State of California, Retired after 27 years of State service.

  • Randolph Scott Salazar

    LADWP, Retired after 41 years of City service.

    Sophia Ponce De Leo

    LAPD, Retired after 36 years of City service.

    Sharon Jacobucci

    LADOT, Retired after 29 years of City service..