Larios in the Digital City: May

Club COO Robert Larios continues honoring Club Members retiring by presenting the Club’s coveted retiree plaque digitally, because of the coronavirus pandemic.

This month’s honorees are:

  • Belinda D. Walker
  • Edmund Soriano
  • John Otoshi,
  • Ambrosio L. Ortiz
  • Michael Kion

Belinda D. Walker, DWP

Retired after 43 years of City service.

Edmund Soriano, DWP

Retired after 36 years of City service.

John Otoshi, DWP

Retired after 30 years of City service.

Ambrosio L. Ortiz, Housing and Community Investment

Retired after 40 years of City service.

Michael Kion, Building and Safety

Retired after 35 years of City service.


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