LACERS Continues Regular Office Hours

For Active and Retired Members:

LACERS welcomes all current and Retired City employees to its new headquarters at 977 N. Broadway. Regular hours are 7 a.m. – 4 p.m. Monday-Friday. No appointments are needed.

A current government-issued photo identification or City employee badge is required to enter the building except when attending public meetings of the LACERS Board of Administration. Also, parking is not available at the building. Paid parking lots, public transit, and street parking are available nearby.

Additionally, online options will continue to be available to you. Use the LACERS’ Secure Document Upload found at to submit forms or required documents, visit our website at to obtain benefits information; log onto your MyLACERS account at to view your account details; and visit the found LACERS’ YouTube channel at where you can find a wealth of benefits videos. Stay up to date on LACERS announcements by checking our website periodically at, contacting us by email at, and by phone at (800) 779-8328.•

Add LACERS Number to Your List to Avoid Scams

LACERS recommends that you save LACERS’ phone number to your contact list to protect against scams. Your phone service provider may register an incoming call from LACERS as SPAM or “Scam Likely”. To ensure you do not miss calls from LACERS, save the department’s caller ID number, (213) 725-5641, to your contact list.