Kid’s Coloring Contest Winners: Dec. 2020

with the Club
Compiled by Club Customer Service Associates:


Congratulations to the WINNERS of our Kid’s Club Coloring Contest!

Everyone who turned in a design is a winner in our opinion! But our top four participants win 4 Free Tickets to San Diego Zoo!

Nadia Garcia, 5

BIRTHDAY: Feb. 12 • FAVORITE TV SHOW: “Remy and Boo” • FAVORITE SNACK: Yogurt • BEST FRIEND: Sasha • WHY DO YOU WANT TO GO TO THE SAN DIEGO ZOO: Because I love animals. • PARENT: Jimmy Garcia, DWP


Angelina Faltas, 7

BIRTHDAY: Nov. 8 • FAVORITE TV SHOW: “Woody Woodpecker” • FAVORITE SNACKS: Famous Amos Cookies • BEST FRIEND: Anabel • WHY DO YOU WANT TO GO TO THE SAN DIEGO ZOO: Because I love animals. • PARENT: Mina Faltas, DWP

Daven Scales, 10

BIRTHDAY: Jan. 27 • FAVORITE TV SHOWS: “Kim Possible”, “Carmen San Diego”, “Teen Titans Go!” • FAVORITE SNACK: Chip, fruit, etc. • BEST FRIEND: Caedmon • WHY DO YOU WANT TO GO TO THE SAN DIEGO ZOO: So I can have fun with my family. • PARENT: Larry Scales, Field Services Rep.


Belle Hernandez, 12

BIRTHDAY: Feb. 15 • FAVORITE TV SHOW: “Impractical Jokers” • FAVORITE SNACK: Watermelon • BEST FRIEND: Andrew • WHY DO YOU WANT TO GO TO THE SAN DIEGO ZOO: I’ve never been. I love animals and think it would be a great experience! • PARENT: Mark Hernandez, Senior Electrical Mechanic

Honorable Mention


Jaxon Deliman, 2, Gary Kenton, Retiree

Muhammad Umar, 2, Muhammad Imran, DWP

Sydney Sunoo, 2, Emily Mayeda, General Services

Aisha Imran, 4, Muhammad Imran, DWP

Owen Chien, 4, Harry Chien, Public Works

Ibrahim Faizan, 4, Muhammad Faizan, DWP

Dylan Scales, 5, Larry Scales, DWP

Emma Cooper, 5, Jim Hicks, Retiree

Karina Cheung, 5, KaMan Fan, Airport Police

Mallory Mihalek, 5, Gary Kenton, Retiree

Muhammad Ayaan, 5, Muhammad Imran, DWP

Alisson Tiet, 6, Than Tiet, DWP

Audrey Sunoo, 6, Emily Mayeda, General Services

Bareerah Faizan, 6, Muhammad Faizan, DWP

Dylan Soto, 7, Juan Soto Funes, LAPD

Kelsey Cheung, 7, KaMan Fan, Airport Police

Marissa Jimenez, 7, Adrian Jimenez, Rec and Parks

Milana Mihalek, 7, Gary Kenton, Retiree

Emma Tiet, 8, Than Tiet, DWP

Lily Samarin, 8, Efrem Samarin, LAPD

Valentina Jimenez, 8, Adrian Jimenez, Rec and Parks

Damien Ortega, 9, Renee Ramirez, LAFD

John Aldaco, 9, Javier Aldaco, Public Works

Collin Sousa, 11, John Sousa, Airport Police

Josh Jensen, 11, James Jensen, Building and Safety

Kelsey Remolino, 11, Kyle Remolino, LAPD

Makaylah Scales, 12, Larry Scales, DWP