Kid’s Coloring Contest Winners: March 2021

with the Club
Compiled by Club Customer Service Associates:

Congratulations to the WINNERS of our Kid’s Club Coloring Contest!

Everyone who turned in a design is a winner in our opinion! But our top four participants won a $50 Amazon Gift Card!

Look for our next contest in July online at:


Micah Flores, 4

BIRTHDAY: Aug. 10 • BEST FRIEND: Bugsy • FAVORITE SNACKS: Pocky • FAVORITE TV SHOW: “Gabby’s Dollhouse” • WHAT I WOULD BUY WITH THE $50 AMAZON GIFT CARD: A desk to do schoolwork from home like Mommy. • PARENT: Leriza Flores, DWP


Brooklyn Karkenny, 7

BIRTHDAY: Aug. 1 • WHAT I WOULD BUY WITH THE $50 AMAZON GIFT CARD: A purple gaming headset to look like my brother! • PARENT: Carol Karkenny, Retiree 

Laila Zacarias, 10

BIRTHDAY: Apr. 9 • BEST FRIEND: Bianca • FAVORITE SNACKS: Crackers • FAVORITE TV SHOW: “Full House” • WHAT I WOULD BUY WITH THE $50 AMAZON GIFT CARD: American Girl dolls and accessories. • PARENT: Jerome Frietz, LAPD


Maya Campos, 13

BIRTHDAY: June 10 • BEST FRIEND: Nishika • FAVORITE SNACKS: Sliced cucumber with salt • FAVORITE TV SHOW: “One Day at a Time” • What I WOULD buy with the $50 Amazon gift card: LED lights for my bedroom. • PARENT: Juan Campos Jr., DWP

Honorable Mention


Jaxon Deliman, 2, Gary Kenton, Retiree

Sydney Sunoo, 2, Emily Mayeda, General Services

Ibrahim Faizan, 4, Muhammad Faizan, DWP

Natalia Sanchez, 4, Patrick Sanchez, DWP

Reagan Cadby, 4, Melissa Cadby, DWP

Lillian Wadahard, 5, Elisa Lam, Econ./Wkfrc. Dev.

Mallory Mihalek, 5, Gary Kenton, Retiree

Alexia Moreno, 6, Marlon Moreno , PW Sanitation

Allison Tiet, 6, Than Tiet, DWP

Arout Torossian, 6, Karo Torossian, City Council

Audrey Sunoo, 6, Emily Mayeda, General Services

Bareerah Faizan, 6, Muhammad Faizan, DWP

Emilia Sanchez, 6, Patrick Sanchez, DWP

Levi Cadby, 6, Melissa Cadby, DWP

Kayden Leng, 6, Ly Leng, LAFD

Audrey Zavala, 7, Charles Garcia, Retiree

Jc’Ion Perkins, 7, Passion Perkins, Retiree

Milana Mihalek, 7, Gary Kenton, Retiree

Paige Curtis, 7, David Hadley, Retiree

Samantha Lansang, 7, Leann Lansang, LAPD

Angelina Faltas, 8, Mina Faltas, DWP

Conrad Renteria, 8, Mark Renteria, Harbor

Emily Guzman, 8, Danielle Mero, City Council

Emma Tiet, 8, Than Tiet, DWP

Abigail Cadby, 9, Melissa Cadby, DWP

Gavin Karkenny, 9, Carol Karkenny, Retiree

Jet Ryder Flores, 9, Guadalupe Mendoza, Public Works

Julianna Revicsky, 9, Timothy Reviczky, Airports

Mia Duenas, 9, Oscar Duenas, LAPD

Damien Ortega, 10, Renee Ramirez, LAFD

Derek Flores, 10, Dianelys Lopez, Airports

Natalie Harden, 10, Danielle Padilla, LAPD

Oliver Wadahard, 10, Elisa Lam, Econ./Wkfrc. Dev.

Dillon Toms, 11, Danica Carroll, Rec and Parks

Emily Leng, 11, Ly Leng, LAFD

Garrison Moreno, 11, Javier Moreno, ITA

Malia Murga, 11, Vicky Chan, Retiree

Marcus Ramirez, 11, Renee Ramirez, LAFD

Nadia Duenas, 11, Oscar Duenas, LAPD

Emerson Wold, 12, Edwin Wold, DWP

Jackson Cadby, 12, Melissa Cadby, DWP

Kelsey Remolino, 12, Kyle Remolino, LAPD

Lino Trujillo, 12, Lino Trujillo, DWP

Miguel De La Hoya, 12, Andres De La Hoya, Rec and Parks

Salvador Roque, 12, Ernesto Saenz, DWP

Ava Martinez, 13, Alfonso Martinez, PW/Sanitation

Jayde Martin, 13, Mario Martin, General Services