Kid’s Coloring Contest Winners: Sept. 2020

with the Club
Compiled by Club Customer Service Associates:


Congratulations to the WINNERS of our Kid’s Club Coloring Contest!

Everyone who turned in a design is a winner in our opinion! But our top four participants win 4 Free Tickets to Knott’s Berry Farm!

Muhammad Ayaan, 5

BIRTHDAY: Feb. 26 • Favorite TV show: “Master Panda” • FAVORITE SNACKS: Strawberries • BEST FRIEND: Ibraheem • WHY DO YOU WANT TO GO TO KNOTT’S BERRY FARM: I love this park. • PARENT: Muhammad Imran, DWP


Bareerah Faizan, 6

BIRTHDAY: Nov. 4 • FAVORITE TV SHOW: “Noddy” • FAVORITE SNACKS: Banana • BEST FRIEND: Ali • WHY DO YOU WANT TO GO TO KNOTT’S BERRY FARM: I want to enjoy with my family after Corona virus. • PARENT: Muhammad Faizan, DWP

Micah Hargrove, 10

BIRTHDAY: April 2 • FAVORITE TV SHOW: “That’s So Raven” • FAVORITE SNACK: Watermelon • BEST FRIEND: Trevor • WHY DO YOU WANT TO GO TO KNOTT’S BERRY FARM: To have fun with my family. • PARENT: Ean Hargrove, Intrument Mechanic


Rebecca Wamsley, 12

BIRTHDAY: March 8 • FAVORITE TV SHOW: “Fuller House” • FAVORITE SNACK: Carrots • BEST FRIEND: Ashley • WHY DO YOU WANT TO GO TO KNOTT’S BERRY FARM: I have never been, and really want to. • PARENT: Steve Wamsley, Rec and Parks

Honorable Mention


Child, Age, Parent/Guardian, Department
Aisha Imran, 3, Muhammad Imran, DWP
Allison Tiet, 5, Than Tiet, DWP
Emma Cooper, 5, Milton Hicks, Retiree
Leah Reed, 5, Janet Ervin, Retiree
Muhammad Imran, 5, Muhammad Imran, DWP
Marissa Jimenez, 6, Adrian Jimenez, Rec and Parks
McKenzie Wall, 6, Ann McNamara, LAPD
Ori Ravid, 6, Gilberto Barrera, Library
Ayden Richmond, 7, Diane Richmond, Retiree
Jacqueline Alatorre, 7, Margaret Sinclair, LAPD
Jc’ion Perkins, 7, Passion Perkins, Retiree
Jasmine Parra, 7, Janelle Parra, Public Works
Morgan Rowley, 7, Jaren Rowley, LAPD
Paige Curtis, 7, David Hadley, Retiree
Anastasia Wall, 8, Ann McNamara, LAPD
Rocco Goss, 8, Brandee Goss, Personnel
Valentina Jimenez, 8, Adrian Jimenez, Rec and Parks
Abigail Cadby, 9, Edwin Wold, DWP
Arianna Alatorre, 9, Margaret Sinclair, LAPD
Chris Garcia, 9, Charles Garcia, Retiree
Franklin Bulkacz, 9, Vanessa Bulkacz, Public Works
John Aldaco, 9, Javier Aldaco, General Services
Milo Parish, 9, Edwin Wold, DWP
Payton Richmond, 9, Diane Richmond, Retiree
Ram Ravid, 9, Gilberto Barrera, Library
Saylor Rowley, 9, Jaren Rowley, LAPD
Ryder Goss, 9, Brandee Goss, Personnel
Anthony Daniel, 10, Irary Daniel, LAPD
Collin Sousa, 10, John Sousa, Airport Police
Elizabeth Bartlett, 10, Chris Bartlett, LAPD
Ella Villegas, 10, Carlos Villegas, DWP
Emiko Kirkland, 10, Mark Kirkland, DWP
Marcus Ortega, 10, Renee Ramirez, LAFD
Emerson Parish, 11, Edwin Wold, DWP
India Townsend, 11, Ansine Townsend, Building and Safety
Jackson Cadby, 11, Edwin Wold, DWP
Kelsey Remolino, 11, Kelsey Remolino, LAPD
Leila Estrada, 11, Jorge Estrada, DWP
Olivia Parish, 12, Edwin Wold, DWP
Erica Orozco, 13, Juan Orozco, LAPD
Liliana Cortez, 13, Phillip Cortez, Public Works/Sanitation
Madison Russell, 13, Marie Ushman, Public Works/Street Services
Sierra Durkee, 13, Steve Durkee, RetireeSydney Hernandez, 13, Eduardo Hernandez, Rec and Parks