Kid’s Coloring Contest Winners: March 2022

with the Club
Compiled by Club Customer Service Associates:

Congratulations to the WINNERS of our Kid’s Club Coloring Contest!

Everyone who turned in a design is a winner in our opinion! But our top four participants won four free tickets to the Aquarium of the Pacific!

Look for our next contest in April online at:

Olivia Cobian, 5

BIRTHDAY: July 7 • BEST FRIEND: Jett • FAVORITE SNACK: Fruit, especially peaches • FAVORITE TV SHOW: “Muppet Babies” • WHY DO YOU WANT TO GO TO THE SAN DIEGO ZOO: I want to see my favorite animal, a cheetah! • PARENT: Paul Cobian, Public Works



Chris Valadez, 7

BIRTHDAY: Sept. 4 • BEST FRIEND: Julian • FAVORITE SNACK: Oreo Cookies and milk • FAVORITE TV SHOW: anything with dinosaurs • WHY DO YOU WANT TO GO TO THE AQUARIUM OF THE PACIFIC: Never been there • PARENT: Jesus Valadez, LADWP


Jc’Ion Perkins, 8

BIRTHDAY: April 23 • BEST FRIEND: Terrace • FAVORITE SNACK: Welches fruit snack • FAVORITE TV SHOW: “Teen Titan” • WHY DO YOU WANT TO GO TO THE AQUARIUM OF THE PACIFIC: I want to see a starfish • PARENT: Evelyn Fitzpatrick, Retired


Belle Hernandez, 13

BIRTHDAY: Feb. 15 • BEST FRIEND: Nellie • FAVORITE SNACKS: Unicorn Poop • FAVORITE TV SHOW: “Malcolm in the Middle” • WHY DO YOU WANT TO GO TO THE AQUARIUM OF THE PACIFIC: To take my imaginary friend, Nellie to an amusement park • PARENT: Mark Hernandez, LADWP


Honorable Mention


Claire Milos 3, Keri Milos LADWP
Sydney Mayede 3, Emily Mayede General Services
Grayson Portillo 4, Krosheska Portillo Library
Isabella Durand 4, Henry Durand PW/Sanitation
Belle Kwan 5, Shirley Ly Library
Chase Virzi 5, Andrew Virzi LADWP
Christopher Kanayama 5, Richard Kanayama LADWP
Sophia Wilson 5, Brandon Wilson LADOT
Wesley Merritt 5, Charlotte Merritt Retired
Alyssa Macias 6, Leslie Macias LAPD
Bryce Roberts 6, Kirby Nelson LADWP
Mila Zarakian 6, Artin Zarakian Building and Safety
Audrey Mayede 7, Emily Mayeda General Services
Allison Tiet 7, Than Tiet LADWP
Maddox Martinez 7 Joshua Martinez Rec and Parks
River Gray 7, Richard Gray PW/Sanitation
Scarlett Casimiro 7, Robert Casimiro LAPD
Violeta Alvarado 7, Antonio Alvarado LAPD
Dominic Izza 8, Primo Izza LADWP
Dylan Soto 8, Juan Soto LADWP
Emma Tiet 9, Than Tiet LADWP
Matthew Coop 9, Wesley Coop LADWP
Noah Machuca 9, Ricardo Machuca City Attorney’s Office
Angie Lindsey 11, Rita Lindsey LACERS
Aracely Mata 11, Javier Mata Jr LADWP
Leah Serna 11, Eusebia Serna LADWP
Collins Sousa 12, John Sousa Airport Police
Makenzie Jensen 12, Albert Jensen LAFD
Belle Hernandez 13, Mark Hernandez LADWP
Camila Doublesin 13, Daniel Doublesin Public Works
Joel Duarte 15, Mario Duarte Retired