Kid’s Coloring Contest Winners: June 2023

with the Club
Compiled by Club Customer Service Associates:

Congratulations to the WINNERS of our Kid’s Club Coloring Contest!

Everyone who turned in a design is a winner in our opinion! But our top participants won four free tickets to the San Diego Zoo!

Look for our next contest online in October: 

Natalie Lechuga, 7


Justin Eghbal, 9


Victoria Viado, 11

BIRTHDAY: March 27 • BEST FRIEND: Faye • FAVORITE SNACK: Seaweed • FAVORITE TV SHOW: Demon Slayer • WHY DO YOU WANT TO GO TO THE SAN DIEGO ZOO: I’ve never been there before and I want to see all the animals • PARENT: Leticia Lopez, Sr. Recreation Director, Rec & Parks


Honorable Mention


Miles Monroy, 2, Mario Ochoa, Animal Services
Logan Weaver, 3, Shane Weaver, LAFD
Brando Legramandi, 5, Maria Millares, Airports
Gwendolyn Parada, 5, Elmer Parada, LADOT
Isaac Marroquin, 5, Michael McPhillips, Rec and Parks
Maverick Clark, 5, Charlene Clark, N/A
Aisha Imran, 6, Muhammad Imran, LADWP
Kenley Ninofranco, 6, Pablo Ninofranco, Retired
Lelia Lechuga, 6, Jose Chavarria, Public Works/Sanitation
Violet Alvarado, 8, Antonio Alvarado, Harbor
Jc’Ion Perkins, 9, Evelyn Fitzpatrick, Retired
Samantha Lansang, 9, LeAnn Lansang, LAPD