John’s Picture Perfect Contest: Dec. 2018

by John Hawkins, Club CEO

How to enter:

Do you love to take pictures? Submit your photos to the Picture Perfect contest. Once a month, the best pics are selected for publication. If your photo is published, you’ll receive a $25 Amazon e-Gift Card!  ENTER PICTURE PERFECT CONTEST

See Contest Rules below the pictures.


“Here’s an image from today’s Huntington Beach Airshow. It shows two different kinds of birds – fortunately not on a collision course. And although one of the seven F-16 Thunderbirds was unable to partake in the show due to mechanical problems, the remaining pilots put on an amazing performance in the air. It certainly was a sight to behold.”

– Yves Didier, LAPD

John’s comment: Yves, I’ve been to many air shows in my life, but I don’t think I’ve been to one over a beach. This Fighting Falcon … and the bird that seems to be in its exhaust … are taking advantage of the proximity to the viewers. Cool shot!


“I took the photo last month in Cappadocia, Turkey, on an early morning hot air balloon ride.”

– Sam Lapides, LACERS

John’s comment: Lighter than air, yes! Most of the hot-air balloon photos I’ve seen are from the ground. But not this one – it’s from one of the balloons, and that makes a big difference. I feel like I’m floating. Thanks for the lift today!


“Here’s the Chicago skyline as seen from the White Sox ballpark.”

– Erik Depaz, Airports

John’s comment: A spectacular shot of a spectacular skyline! I love how you place the city between the billowy clouds and the rock-solid ground. Nice! (But I hope the game wasn’t that boring!)


“I never knew the orange butterfly’s antennae were stripped until I enlarged the photo. I also started shooting humming birds and butterflies on sport mode on my camera. It made all the difference over a single shot. This was shot in the afternoon, in the wind, on long-stemmed zinnias.”

– John Nance, DWP

John’s comment: The focus you achieved on this, John, is amazing. This is worthy of a science encyclopedia or National Geographic. Nature at its most amazing … thanks!


“This photo was taken at dawn at Yellowstone. Upon first light I was lucky enough to witness the grandeur and beauty of Yellowstone’s geysers, with its steam rising against a tapestry of clouds over a colorful sky.”

– William Zhang, DWP

John’s comment: You’ve placed the geyser at the perfect location in this photo – the hillside comes down gently right into it, and the reflection on the pond frame it from below. Awesome!


“Sunrise at the Hollywood Reservoir, mid-October.”

– Mike Aubin, DWP

John’s comment: Mike, I can feel the damp mist on my skin from looking at this eerie, sublime photo. I wouldn’t have figured this was shot in LA, but I would have been wrong. Great shot!



  • Please submit the full, original digital file (up to 3 megs file size).
  • The contest is open to all Club members in good standing. Non-members are welcome to submit, but only Club members are eligible to win the monthly prize.
  • Photos can be of any subject matter: vacation, portraits, families, landscapes, still lifes, pets, etc. Subject matter must be appropriate for Alive!
  • If your photograph does not win, you are welcome to re-submit.
  • Winners are chosen by Club staff. All decisions will be final.
  • You must certify (if asked) that you indeed took the picture. No ringers!
  • The contest is all in good fun: The Club cannot be responsible for delays in delivering Alive!, or for delays in the transmission of responses.