Policing Charges Ahead

by John Hawkins, President and CEO, The Club

Listening to Sgt. Gordon Helper, head of Central’s bike unit talk about the tactical advantages of using electric bikes impressed me on at least a couple of fronts: One, the dedication of our police department to using new technologies to keep us safe; two, his passion for police work; and three, he had exactly the same reaction to riding an electric bike that I did when the Club purchased them to run our errands downtown.

E-Bikes are incredible. I think everyone should have a chance to ride one, whether you do it professionally, like Sgt. Helper does for the LAPD, and I do for the Club or recreationally.

Riding e-Bikes are (from left) Club CEO John Hawkins and LAPD Sgt. Gordon Helper.

Sgt. Sam Gong, who began the eBike program and worked with manufacturers to meet LAPD’s stringent requirements, connected us to this story. (Both sergeants are Club Members, as are quite a few of the department’s bike unit.)

If you see the eBike Officers patrolling the Central, Hollywood, North Hollywood or Pacific areas or any of the City’s special events, tell them we said hello, and thanks for the service.

North America’s first electric fire engine is coming to the LAFD next year.

Speaking of electric vehicles in the City, while we were working on this story, we ran across a Tweet from LAFD Chief Ralph Terrazas. Seems that LA is going to be another leader – the first in North America to have an electric fire engine. “We look forward to adding it to our fleet next year.” I can’t wait to do a story on that vehicle!

Meanwhile … in Club news, note that our Joannie Mukai Scholarship schedule has moved up a month to better accommodate the honorees before they head off to school in the late summer. Applications are available now on the Alive! Website. Deadline is noon June 30, 2020 … be sure to submit your Mother’s Day greetings. It’s an Alive! annual tradition. Submit on the Alive! Website starting now … and a quick note on the passing of Robert Jones, DWP. I didn’t know Robert, but he worked at the DWP for more than 50 years. That’s incredible. Rest in peace, Robert.

If you’re planning your travel for spring break, or this summer and beyond, use the Club discounts that Mariana Guevara has arranged. Save money while you’re having fun!

Talk to you again here and in my online blog.

— John