Getting Ahead by Planning Ahead

by John Hawkins, President and CEO, The Club

Are you five years away from retirement in the City? Are you ready for it?

Sure, you can go through the motions and sign the documents. But will you be ready … the right way?

In talking to Club Members over the years – and I’ve talked to a lot of you — the answer I get most often is, well, I’m not sure if I’m ready.

That’s why we teamed up with our good friends at the RLACEI Retirees association to do something about it. The Club is here to serve our Members, so we made a bold decision to just go for it and produce a great event for pre-retirees.

Our very first Pre-Retirees Expo is set for March 19 at the Friendship Auditorium, and it’s going to be awesome.

We’ve been working on the details since last fall. Our team of Robert Larios, Cheryl Martin, Mary Ann Urdiales, Summy Lam, Noelle Kauffman and Mariana Guevara got to work. They reached out and partnered with the RLACEI’s Ruth Perry, Beverly Clark and Phil Orland, and then things really got cooking. I can tell you it’s going to be informative, free … and actually fun. Imagine that!

The Club team putting together the Pre-Retirement Expo, clockwise from left: Mary Ann Urdiales, Noelle Kauffman, Cheryl Martin, Mariana Guevara and Summy Lam. Robert Larios is just out of frame on the right.

All the information you need is in this month’s issue, so register now (don’t wait; at this writing we already have nearly 80 registrations). Be good to yourself. Be smart for your family. And get ready to retire the right way.

Moving on … congratulations to Andrew Virzi Jr., longtime Club Board Member who just retired from the DWP after more than 32 years. Congratulations, Andrew. Thanks for all you’ve done for the City and the Club … Did you see the amazing rescue effort by the brave Firefighters at the LAFD? As I write this, I’m watching the squad going up ladders from below, and down cables from above to rescue the residents of the sixth floor of a tall apartment building on Wilshire. Just amazing … Did you like our cover shot from last month, with the ITA Microwave Team, supervised by Dave DiLullo, Club Member? I’m still looking at it; that was one of the best cover photos ever by Club Director of Marketing Summy Lam … and finally, we’re in February, but there’s still a final chance to submit your Valentines so we can post them online. Hard deadline is Feb. 7.

As we have plenty of snow in the rest of California, it’s time to enjoy the great Club discounts on skiing that Mariana Guevara has arranged for us. Take advantage!

See you at the Expo March 19!


— John