Working Into Month Two

by John Hawkins, President and CEO, The Club

How is everyone doing during the pandemic? Are you okay? Feeling a little nervous, or a lot nervous? If I know Club Members, I’m guessing that you’re lending a hand or two to help the recovery in some way, either as an essential worker or in your personal life. Checking on neighbors … calling relatives … making masks … that’s the kind of people you are.

This essential RCTO kept working during the COVID-19 pandemic.

When something unexpected happens – you get a flat tire or you experience an earthquake, or even a global pandemic, let’s just say – the initial shock stuns you. But eventually, you get on your feet and get to work making things better. The City’s essential workers kicked into the hard work of helping LA recover. In this, Alive!’s second month of unprecedented coverage of the coronavirus pandemic, we show some of the work you’re doing for the City.

The Club, too, rolled up our sleeves to take on a project of historic scale – we paired with the RLACEI retirees association to call all 8,000 Retired Members to make sure they were okay, to get them what they needed, and to tell them in no uncertain terms that they mattered to us, and to the world. It’s one of the most important projects we’ve ever done. Tough times can often bring out your best, and I’m proud of our team of 31 callers who over 15 days made the magic happen with some very hard work. Read about the project in this month’s cover story, and then get ready to read about an even bigger project in next month’s paper and Website.

If you are experiencing hardship, please contact us. We’re here for you. Write to us:

Cover photo subject Officer III Gerald Legaspie, Retired (left) and Alive! editor John Burnes.

In this second month of the pandemic, the Club continues working hard at home for our Club Members. We’re keeping up many of our essential services, and we’re also looking forward to the day when we can return the others to normal – visiting with City Employees, heading out on the road with the Club Store on Wheels, cheering on Club Sports, resuming our popular social media contests, and so forth. All that will happen when the officials and the scientists tell us it’s safe to proceed.

Until that time, I’m proud to report that the heartbeat of the Club – serving our Club Members – is alive and well.

Please keep your families safe. If you’re an essential frontline worker, we have your back. And through all this, I still wish you a very happy spring.

— John