In Memoriam: Retired Association CEO was 86.

Danna McDonough Passes Away

Danna McDonough

Danna McDonough, the longtime President and CEO of the Los Angeles City Employees Association (LACEA), passed away Sept. 13, 2023 in San Pedro. She was 86.

Danna was the Association CEO when the organization created and launched its Club subsidiary in 2002. She was a big proponent of the concept and worked with the Association board to bring it to fruition.

“Danna McDonough, our President at the time, chose … to re-invent ourselves, to create something that no one has ever done before, to be bigger than ourselves, to give back, and to show the world how awesome the employees are in the City of Los Angeles,” wrote Club Founder John Hawkins about the creation of the Club in his remarks in last month’s Alive! “It was a bold move, revolutionary really; even to this day, no one has matched how much we celebrate the work and lives of municipal employees. She gave this new venture a name: The Club.”

Danna joined the LACEA in 1979 and was President and CEO when she retired in 2004.

May she rest in peace.