Help Fellow City Employees

Help Others in 2021

The pandemic is still affecting many fellow City employees.

As the virus pandemic continues in 2021, the hardships faced by some City Employees and their families are even more critical. Club Angels, the charity started by staff members of the Employees Club, invites you to join our efforts to help.

Since the Club Angels appeal began, the charity has provided nearly $13,500 in grocery assistance to approximately 70 fellow City Employees through your gifts and matching funds from the Club.

If you are facing hardship, please reach out to us. Club Angels is here to help.

The Club encourages City Employees and everyone to contribute to the Club Angels fund, accessed on its GoFundMe page. Donations go to City Employees in need; Club Angels and the Employees Club earn nothing from the transaction. Donations might be tax deductible; consult your tax professional.

To donate, go to:

Please be generous.