Grown Up Coloring Contest Winner – April 2022

Once again, the grown up Club Members have blown us away!

Alive! publishes its Grownup Coloring Contest only once a year. But when we do, Club Members go above and beyond, and send us some amazing works of art.
Thanks for your contributions, and look forward to another Grownup Coloring Contest in the future!

The winner received a $50 Target Gift Card

Celeste Cho, LADWP

Other Notable Entries

Albert Jensen, LAFD
Carolyn Tate, Retired
Claudia Yepez, Airports
Elva Bufford, Retired
Erika Ochoa, Animal Services
Evelyn Fitzpatrick, Retired
George Gonzalez, Retired
Graciela Gonzalez, Retired
Guadalupe Mendoza, Retired
Jerome Frietz, LAPD
Jesus Valadez, LADWP
John Sosa, Airport Police
Joseph Hsiao, LADWP
Karen Kohles, LADWP
Kathryn Kutsch, Airports
Kimberly Ganier, LAPD
Leticia Lopez, Rec and Parks
Phillip Cortez, PW/Sanitation
Phillip Orozco, LADWP
Queenie Wong-Terry, LACERS
Richard Andrade, Airport Police
Salvador Lopez, Retired
Sara Vega, Housing
Steve Wamsley, Rec and Parks
Than Tiet, LADWP
Wendy Rodriguez, LAPD