Gregory Hornsby retires from the DWP after 32 years of City service.

Greg Retires in Style

Story and photos courtesy Earl Rodgers

After 32 years of City service, Gregory Hornsby Sr. retired from the DWP as an Assistant Director of the Customer Service Division, and celebrated with 40 family members, colleagues and friends in Jamaica.

With an official retirement date of May 1, 2019, Greg wasted little time landing in Jamaica on June 1, and spent the next eight days celebrating his City service.

Greg began his City career Oct. 8, 1986, as a Maintenance Laborer with the DWP. He was promoted up the ladder to Meter Reader, Commercial Field Representative, Sr. Commercial Representative, Utility Theft Investigator, Commercial Field Supervisor, Utility Service Manager (USM), and ultimately Assistant Director in the Customer Service Division, where he oversaw several sections during his 17 years as a Manager.

Greg Hornsby and his wife, Latrice Williams, DWP, thank all for attending this elaborate Jamaican retirement celebration/vacation and encourage everyone to eat, drink, dance and enjoy themselves!

Greg’s elaborate retirement celebration was orchestrated by his wife and fellow DWP employee, Latrice Williams, USM III, with the assistance of close friend Trinh Nguyen, Management Analyst. The group went on many excursions together, including the Luminous Lagoon, Glistening Waters Restaurant, Dunn’s River Falls, 9 Mile Bob Marley Mausoleum, 7 Mile Beach and Rick’s Café, Mystic Mountain Rain Forrest, Bamboo River Rafting, Shopping, finally culminating in a retirement dinner/dance celebration on the white sands beach of the Silver Sands Resort Club House.

Greg and his family also celebrated the graduation of his daughter, Alexsys, who graduated with honors from UC Berkeley with a bachelor of science degree in sociology. Gregory cherishes his time spent with the DWP and the lifelong friendships that developed along the way; his retirement celebration was a huge success, enjoyed by all whom attended!

Congratulations, Greg; keep the good times rolling!