This (Beautiful) Space For Rent

The City makes some of its most gorgeous parks available for event rental.

Some of the City’s most beautiful spaces can be yours – at least temporarily, for your special occasions like weddings, birthdays, anniversary, and more.

“We have events here at Orcutt almost every weekend from April through November, and usually more than one,” says David Koeper, Sr. Park Services Attendant and Operations Manager for Citywide Rental Halls. A Club Member, he has 26 years of City service.

“People can have their weddings in the gazebo area, on the patio, in a meadow, or other locations. And then have their reception here in the facility itself.

“With the beauty of this park, there are a lot of happy wedding memories from having their wedding here.”

Event booking begins on January 1 of the year prior. So on Jan. 1, 2018, guests were able to book for dates in 2018 and 2019. Fees depend on day of the week, hours, food, alcohol (through approved vendors), insurance, security, and many other factors.

Orcutt Ranch can accommodate events up to 175 people.

Orcutt Ranch

The patio area of Orcutt Ranch
The Orcutt house, on the ranch grounds, can also be rented.
The meadows are popular for weddings and other celebrations.
The gazebo at Orcutt Ranch is popular for weddings and other celebrations.

Other facilities that David oversees are Brand Park in Mission Hills, which can accommodate about 125 people; Friendship Auditorium, a very large facility and beautiful hall that holds up to 500 people; Grace E. Simons Lodge, in Elysian Park with a Japanese garden; the Griffith Park Visitors Center; and Wattles Mansion in West Hollywood.

Wattles Mansion

Wattles Mansion is one of the spaces that the City makes available for event rental.
David Koeper, Operations Manager for Citywide Rental Halls, Club Member (left), is interviewed by Club CEO John Hawkins.

Are people surprised at what the City has to offer?

“I think they are,” David says. “When you rent one of these facilities out, it includes the rest of the park. A lot of people are surprised that the prices are as reasonable as they are. You get a beautiful park or whatever facility you end up renting out. They’re very surprised what you get, and how affordable it is.

“The credit goes out to the gardeners and caretakers of these facilities keep them beautiful for the biggest days of people’s lives.”