Big crowd sends Andrew Virzi Jr., DWP, into retirement.

Thanks, Andrew!

Photos by Robert Larios, Club COO

A retirement open house and program was held Jan. 28 for Andrew Virzi Jr., Assistant Controller, DWP, and longtime LACEA Board Member and Chairman. Andrew retires after 32 years of service to the City of Los Angeles.

Andrew was an LACEA Board Member since the 1990s and was part of the leadership team that oversaw the rise of the Employees Club and the Alive! newspaper and Website. He will now transition to the LACEA Insurance Services Board.

Andrew Virzi III, Club Board member (right), spoke on behalf of the Virzi family.

His entire family was present at the event, held at the John Ferraro Office Building. In celebration of Andrew and his career, the room was packed for the event, with more than 100 people attending.

On behalf of all Club Members, the Club thanks Andrew for his service to the City, and to all Club Members for keeping the association strong and responsive in serving City Employees.