Kid’s Coloring Contest Winners

with the Club
Compiled by Club Customer Service Associates:

Congratulations to the WINNERS of our Kid’s Club Coloring Contest!

Everyone who turned in a design is a winner in our opinion! But our top four participants win
4 Free Tickets to Aquarium of the Pacific!

Samantha Jan Lansang, 5

BIRTHDAY: Oct. 7 • FAVORITE TV SHOW: “I Like Because of You” • FAVORITE SNACKS: Lunchables, baby carrots, pretzels, chocolates • BEST FRIEND: Ariana •  WHY DO YOU WANT TO GO TO AQUARIUM OF THE PACIFIC?: I like to see fishes and I have a pet fish. • PARENT: Leann and John Lansang, LAPD, Senior Detention Officer.


Melody Marroquin, 7

BIRTHDAY: March 8 • FAVORITE TV SHOW: “Camp Rock” • FAVORITE SNACK: Cheezits • BEST FRIEND: Emma • WHY DO YOU WANT TO GO to AQUARIUM OF THE PACIFIC?: I’ve never been to an aquarium, I know me and my family would have so much fun. • PARENT: Robert Pena, Sr. Animal Control Officer, Animal Services.

Leita Estrada, 10

BIRTHDAY: Dec. 9 • FAVORITE TV SHOW: “Coop & Cami Ask the World” • FAVORITE SNACK: Mac and Cheese • BEST FRIEND: Riley • WHY DO YOU WANT TO GO TO AQUARIUM OF THE PACIFIC?: Because I love animals and I don’t usually go • PARENT: Jorge Estrada, Station Operator, DWP


Maya Campos, 11

BIRTHDAY: Feb. 19 • FAVORITE SNACK: “AGT” • FAVORITE SNAC: Raisins & Peanut butter on Celery • BEST FRIEND: Annette • WHY DO YOU WANT TO GO TO Knotts? Because It was a long time since we visited and I want for us to go again. • PARENT: Eric Yoshida, Civil Engineer Associate, LADWP

Honorable Mention


Matthew Villa, 1, Ismael Villa, Rec and Parks
Dorothy Pugsley, 2, Timothy Pugsley, DWP
Natalia Sanchez, 2, Patrick Sanchez, DWP
Nadia Garcia, 3, Jimmy Garcia, DWP
Allison Tiet, 4, Than Tiet, DWP
Emilia Sanchez, 4, Miguel Sanchez, LAPD
Jaxson Pendorf, 4, Nick Pendorf, General Services
Joshua Menefield, 4, Melisa Menefield, Airports
Lia Maleryon, 4, Martin Maleryon, Transportation
Mylana Martinez, 4, Alfredo Reyes, Public Works
Oliver Borjon, 4, Eliazar De La Cruz, Airports
Ian Pemble, 5, Gail Staugaard, Retiree
Isabel Clark, 5, Jimmy Clark, Public Works
Jc’ion Perkins, 5, Passion Perkins, Retiree
Joshua Shin, 5, Pedro Shin, Airport Police
Justin Eghbal, 5, Jasmine Dowlatshahi, Rec and Parks
Samantha Lansang, 5, Leann Lansang, LAPD
Aliya Angeles, 6, Alfredo Fajardo, General Services
Christian Adame, 6, Kara Adame, LAPD
Emma Tiet, 6, Than Tiet, DWP
Noah Machuca, 6, Ricardo Machuca, City Attorney
Victoria Bartlett, 6, Chris Bartlett, LAPD
Jet Flores, 7, Guadalupe Mendoza, Retiree
Juliette Young, 7, Megan Young, Library
Melody Marroquin, 7, Robert Pena, Animal Services
Sarah Trance, 7, Peter Trance, Airport Police
Alyssa Valencia, 8, Alberto Valencia, DWP
Angie Lindsey, 8, Rita Lindsey, Public Works
Chris Zavala, 8, Charles Garcia, Retiree
Emiko Kirkland, 8, Mark Kirkland, DWP
Emma Torres, 8, Richard Contreras, Retiree
Emma Valencia, 8, Daniel Valencia, Public Works
Lorenzo Alvarado, 8, Carlos Alvarado, DWP
Natalie Harden, 8, Daniela Padilla, LAPD
Ruby Andrade, 8, Richard Andrade, Airport Police
Sophia Aubin, 8, Michael Aubin, DWP
Aaniyah Currie, 9, Louise Currie, Public Works
Elizabeth Bartlett, 9, Chris Bartlett, LAPD
Luci Pemble, 9, Gail Staugaard, Retiree
Belle Hernandez, 10, Mark Hernandez, DWP
India Townsend, 10, Ansinee Townsend, Animal Services
Isaac Lucero, 10, Christopher Lucero, DWP
Isabella Vega, 10, Sider Vega, LAPD
Jabari Collier, 10, Melisa Menefield, Airports
Joshua Estrada, 10, Ramon Estrada, Harbor
Kelsey Remolino, 10, Kyle Remolino, LAPD
Leila Estrada, 10, Jorge Estrada, DWP
Ralph Lopez, 10, Steve Lopez, LA County
Makenna Jensen, 11, Albert Jensen, LAFD
Maya Campos, 11, Juan Campos Jr., DWP
Raquel Hurtado, 11, Fatima Melchor, Rec and Parks
Sierra Barry, 11, Amber England, DWP
Gianna Santoni, 12, Franco Santoni , Public Works
Joel Duarte, 12, Mario Duarte, Retiree
Nickolas Valadez, 12, Jesus Valadez, DWP
Olivia Cruz, 12, Mardoqueo Cruz, Public Works
Amber Guerrero, 13, Art Guerrero, Rec and Parks
Arianna Roberts, 13, Satoru Tanaka, Retiree