Kid’s Coloring Contest Winners – Sept. 2019

with the Club
Compiled by Club Customer Service Associates:

Congratulations to the WINNERS of our Kid’s Club Coloring Contest!

Everyone who turned in a design is a winner in our opinion! But our top four participants win 4 Free Tickets to Knott’s Berry Farm!

Samantha Lansang, 5

BIRTHDAY: Oct. 7 • Favorite TV show: “Camp Kikiwaka” • FAVORITE SNACKS: Cheetos • BEST FRIEND: Victoria • WHY DO YOU WANT TO GO TO KNOTT’S BERRY FARM: Because I want to go on the rides. • PARENT: John Lansang, Senior Detention Officer, LAPD


Aaron Grimm, 7

BIRTHDAY: May 17 • FAVORITE SNACK: Lay’s Potato Chips • BEST FRIEND: Gabe • WHY DO YOU WANT TO GO to KNOTT’S BERRY FARM: To play. • GRANDMOTHER: Emma Grimm, Structural Engineering Associate II, Retired

Sarah Ilagan, 10

BIRTHDAY: Feb. 13 • FAVORITE TV SHOW: “Austin and Ally, Kickin’ It” FAVORITE SNACK: Cotton Candy Ice Cream, Twix • BEST FRIEND: Angelina • WHY DO YOU WANT TO GO TO KNOTT’S BERRY FARM: To spend time with my family and friends. • PARENT: Joan Ilagan, Senior Utility Accountant, LADWP


Olivia Cruz, 11

BIRTHDAY: Sept. 9 • FAVORITE TV SHOW: Rick & Morty • FAVORITE SNACK: Goldfish • BEST FRIEND: Steven • WHY DO YOU WANT TO GO TO RAGING WATERS? I love this park! The water slides are so much fun! • PARENT: John & Elena Sousa, Sacu – Airport Police

Honorable Mention


Benjamin Grimm, 2, Emma Grimm, Bldg. and Safety
Mica Flores, 3, Leriza V. Flores, DWP
Emma Cooper, 4, Milton James Hicks, Gen. Services
Emma Tiet, 4, Than Tiet, DWP
Lia Maleryan, 4, Marton Maleryan, Transportation
Mallory Menalik, 4, Gary Kenton Grampue, Retiree
Tara Delgado, 4, Moises Delgado, Transportation
Amanda Parra, 5, Armando Parra, Gen. Services
Rebecca Grimm, 5, Emma Grimm, Bldg. and Safety
Dylan Soto, 6, Juan Soto, LAPD
Emily G., 6, Danielle Mero, City Council
Allison Tiet, 6, Than Tiet, DWP
Jacqueline Alatorre, 6, Margaret Sinclair, LAPD
Jaslynn Fernandez, 6, Javier V. Montelongo, Airports
Jasmine Parra, 6, Janelle A. Parra, Econ./Wrkfc. Dev.
Je’ion Perkins, 6, Passion U. Perkins, Retiree
Makenna Ocampo, 6, Cesar Ocampo, PW/Sanitation
Ori Ravid, 6, Gilbert Barrera Dvanes, Library
Autumn Lira, 7, Fred Lira, DWP
Camila Cruz, 7, Patricia Cruz, Employees Club
Jayme Cavanaugh, 7, Veronica Cavanaugh, Personnel
Leila Hernandez, 7, Manuel Hernandez, Harbor
Macye Gaddi, 7, Moses Gaddi, DWP
Sara Trance, 7, Peter Trance, Airports
Tyce Yoshida, 7, Eric Yoshida, DWP
Rylan Pilapil, 7, Rhys Pilapil, DWP
William Wamsley, 7, Steve Wamsley, Rec and Parks
Arianna Alatorre, 8, Margaret Sinclair, LAPD
Derek Flores, 8, Dianelys Santamarina, Airports
Jake Hernandez, 8, Alan Hernandez, Airport Police
Juliette Yound, 8, Megan Young, Library
Ruby Andrade, 8, Richard Andrade, Airport Police
Sidney Scott, 8, James Scott, Animal Services
Daren Scales, 9, Larry Scales, Field Service
Emiko Kirkland, 9, Mark Kirkland, DWP
Emmalyn Katnich, 9, Marisa Katnich, Housing
Gigi Rosales, 9, Walter Rosales, DWP
Giuliana Rodriguez, 9, Jose Rodriguez, Public Works
Haylee Lynn Flowers, 9, Jennifer Marshall, DWP
Leah Serna, 9, Eusebio Serna, DWP
Leah Grimm, 9, Emma Grimm, Bldg. and Safety
Melody Gaddi, 9, Moses Gaddi, DWP
Sarah Yonemura, 9, Doreen Yonemura, Airports
Alina Machuca, 10, Ricardo Machuca, City Attorney
Anabelle Cirivello, 10, Meghan Cirivello, LAPD
Blake Watrin, 10, Michael Watrin, Public Works
Collin Sousa, 10, John R. Sousa, Airport Police
Danira Jones, 10, Myleah Jones, Airports
Ella Villegas, 10, Carlos Villegas, DWP
Joanne Kim, 10, Yang Kim, DWP
Kelsey Remolino, 10, Kyle Remolino, LAPD
Madison Bullock, 10, Renee Ramirez, LAFD
Micha Hargrove, 10, Ean Hargrove, DWP
Ava Martinez, 11, Alfonso Martinez, PW/Sanitation
Camila Doublesin, 11, Daniel Doublesin, Public Works
Emily Simmons, 11, Douglas Donovan, Public Works
Isaac Lucero, 11, Chris Lucero, DWP
Jack Christopher, 11, James Christopher, DWP
Jonathan Lloyd, 11, Tracie Lloyd, Transportation
Kaylee Gallegos, 11, Leonard Gallegos, Harbor
Sierra Barry, 11, Amber England, DWP
Sierra Hernandez, 11, Manuel Hernandez, Harbor
Tyler Sousa, 11, John Sousa, Airport Police
Ximena Ibarra, 11, Sergio Ibarra, Rec and Parks
Addison Sousa, 12, John Sousa, Airport Police
Emma O’Neill, 12, Jason Wyland, DWP
Gianna Moules, 12, Tom Moutes, Retiree
Jack Rigney, 12, Patrick Rigney, Public Works
Leilani Hsiao, 12, Joseph Hsiao, DWP
Lily Rigney, 12, Patrick Rigney, Public Works
Mayra Contreras, 12, Cecilia Contreras, Transportation
McKenna Katnich, 12, Marisa Katnich, Airports
Nickolas Valadez, 12, Jesus Valadez, DWP
Amber Guerrero, 13, Art Guerrero, Rec and Parks
Anthony Amie, 13, Lawrence Amie, PW/Sanitation
Erica Orozco, 13, Juan Orozco, LAPD
Jenna Valencia , 13, Daniel Valencia, Public Works
Joel Duarte, 13, Mario Duarte, Retiree
Sydney Hernandez, 13, Eduardo Hernandez, Rec and Parks



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