Club Sports: May 2019

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New season expects to start in late June. What are you waiting for?

Welcome to the new season of Club softball! This summer, we’ll be starting the second season of the new North Division. Stay tuned for field locations and official game schedules. (This will be Club Softball’s 11th season overall.)

Who can join?

Managers of teams with at least nine players are welcome to register.

Please note: Time and space are limited for the North Division season of the Club Softball League. Once filled, we will keep your name for future seasons.

All new players must be Club Members and agree to all regular Club Membership rules and regulations. Players who are not Club Members must join to play in the Club Softball League. Some exceptions might be made for specific relatives of Club Members. Contact the Sports Dude for more information. Exceptions to eligibility requirements are offered for relatives of Club members over 18 years of age. Players who are not eligible to play may cause forfeit of games and/or season.

All new players must be City, State or County employees.

This is a co-ed league: for both men and women.


Registration forms and additional information is available on the Club Website:

South Division Still Forming:

The Club Softball League’s South Division, which plays its games in Inglewood, is forming and accepting new teams and players. Contact the Sports Dude:

The Club Softball League is open to Members from the City, County and state. It is also open to their family members over 18 years old.

Free Agents:
Want to play but
don’t have a team?
Are you a softball player who’s not part of a team but would like to play on one? Contact the Sports Dude at (800) 464-0452 x 134, or via email

Softball photos on Facebook!

The Club has hundreds of great action shots from this season and last on our Facebook page, and a season video on the Club’s YouTube channel. Enjoy!

Club Sports on the Horizon

The Club Sports Office welcomes all individual players to inquire about the Club’s sports leagues. Please contact or call the Club at (800) 464-0452 to be placed as a free agent or for more information.