Club Sports: Oct. 2018

News from Sports Leagues sponsored by the Employees Club of California of Los Angeles • Oct./Nov. 2018

North Division Heading to Playoffs

New Division looking to crown champs Dec. 19.

The Club Softball League’s North Division is deep into its first season, with the playoffs set to start Dec. 5, and the championship game Dec. 19.

North Division games are played at Shatto Recreation Center, 3191 W Fourth St., and Yosemite Recreation Center, 1840 Yosemite Dr.

Come and Have Fun!

Cheer on your favorite City teams! Attendance is free, of course, and the friendships and fun you will have are all courtesy the Club Softball League. Get in on the fun!
Games are on Wednesday nights, starting at 7:30 p.m.

South Division Forming:

The Club Softball League’s South Division, which plays its games in Inglewood, is forming and accepting new teams and players. Contact the Sports Dude:  The Club Softball League is open to Members from the City, County and State.  It is also open to their family members over 18 years old.

Game Pictures Online:

Images of past sporting events can be found on Club social media (see below).

Standings (thru Sept. 12)


Enforcers   5-1
Blue Dragons   4-2
GameTime   3-2
Sluggers   2-3
Operaiders   0-6


Kilawatts   4-2
Sewer Rats   3-2
Transformers   3-3
Dot-Gers   2-4
It Ain’t Over   2-3



Meet North Division’s New Commisioner Amanda!

Hi Club Softball fans!

I’m Amanda Cadena, the newly appointed North Division Commissioner. I started working in ITA as a 311 Customer Information Rep last year, and I’m playing second base for It Ain’t Over in the North Division. Last year we ended up placing second in playoffs as a newly formed team against the returning champions, Game Time.

I wanted to acclimate quickly within the City, so I sought out City teams where I could network and connect with others. I co-manage It Ain’t Over with LAPD Devonshire Lt. Mike McCommas. Our team has a great mix of City Employees. Joining the league was one of the best decisions I have made; I’ve met so many great City employees from various departments.

Lady Smith did a great job the last couple of seasons as the Commissioner (and she continues for the South Division), so I only hope I can do a follow her legacy and run the North Division smoothly. Come out and watch – it’s so much fun.
I’ll see you there!

— Amanda Cadena, Club Softball Commissioner, North Division



North Competition Heating Up

By Lady Y. Smith,
South Division Commissioner

As the South Division hasn’t started yet, I thought I’d tell you about some of the recent North Division activity. North Division started Aug. 1, and boy was it awesome!
Operaiders and GameTime kicked it off as both teams got to know their new players. Operaiders fall to GameTime 18-10. Both teams look forward to some gelling.

The late game welcomed Blue Dragons and the new Enforcers, a mixture of longtime Enforcer players as well as Guzzler veterans. I affectionately call them the “Enforzlers!” Guzzler Vic is still looking for his walkup music. (Smile.) They also seem like the team to beat, as they are undefeated at the moment, winning most of their games by an average of 15 runs.

It will be very interesting to see if the Enforcers can maintain their great record and which obvious underdog will take them down.

Batter Up!

— Lady Y Smith, Club Softball Commissioner, South Division

Calling All Players!

The Club Sports Office welcomes all individual players to inquire about the Club’s sports leagues. Please contact or call the Club at (800) 464-0452 to be placed as a free agent and for more information.


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