Clarence Martin, longtime Aqueduct Manager, has retired.

Clarence Martin, Retiree, at the DWP regional office in Bishop.

Photo by Chris Corsmeier, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power

Clarence Retires

“Throughout his tenure with the DWP, Clarence always strived to strike the balance at being a good ambassador for the Department and a friend to the Owens Valley,” said Anselmo Collins, Director of Water Operations for LADWP. (Anselmo was quoted in the LADWP Intake magazine.) “People tend to call him the honorary Mayor of Bishop. He is a man with a lot of pride and integrity, and it has been a pleasure having him head up the Aqueduct section. He is not just a great engineer, but a great person with a big heart.”

Congratulations on your career, Clarence!
The Club wishes you the best