LACERS BOARD UPDATE: LACERS to create trust to keep health costs down

The LACERS Benefits Administration Committee and the full board has approved the creation of a special trust to keep premium savings from years

LEGISLATIVE REPORT: Will governments raise taxes, spend less to pay pensions?

Bloomberg reported at the end of September that the Federal Reserve’s Quarterly Financial Accounts include a change to accounting for state and local pension-fund programs.

Retirees Association Fees Increasing

To continue to bring the highest quality of service and to continue to serve and advocate for Retired Los Angeles City employees, RLACEI will increase its membership dues to $3 per month...

In Memory of Phil Skarin

Phil Skarin: Retired City Employee, RLACEI director, Alive! columnist was champion for Retirees. Phil, longtime advocate for Retirees, passed away Nov. 2...

PRESIDENTS REPORT: RLACEI Works Collectively For Retiree Benefits, Interests

It is with a humble heart and an enthusiastic outlook that I begin my tenure as RLACEI President in the good company of my fellow directors.

PRESIDENT EMERITUS: Much Accomplished in RLACEI’s Last 24 Years

With the holiday season’s passing and the start of the year upon us, we tend to reflect on all the events that occurred during the last 12 months.

LACERS BOARD UPDATE: LACERS Well to Support Members’ Fulfilling Lives

The LACERS Board has approved an expanded LACERS Well program with a greatly increased budget to further improve our members’ health and enjoyment of life with a theme of Living a Full Life.

LEGISLATIVE REPORT: Pension Law and Policy

The major issue for public pension plans in California is the State Supreme Court’s consideration of the Cal-Fire case as to how far the “California Rule” can go in protecting any changes in a pension plan...

The City Parties!

The Retired Los Angeles City Employees, Inc. (RLACEI) held its annual Christmas luncheon Dec. 6 at the Grace E. Simons Lodge near Dodger Stadium...

LACERS BOARD UPDATE: Passive Vs. Active Investing: Looking for Best Advantage

What are active and passive investing? Active investing is using a money manager to buy and sell individual stocks...