The Club’s Quiet Heart

by John Hawkins,
President and CEO, The Club

We knew it was coming for at least a few months. We’d been monitoring it: When would we reach the awesome milestone of $100 million paid in insurance claims?

But what wasn’t in question was how we were going to memorialize it. We looked back over the years and realized we had never done a cover story on the Club’s amazing Insurance Claims Dept., one of the quietest but clearly one of the most important parts of what the Club offers.

So we produced the story a month or two early, in anticipation, and then waited for the big moment when we hit the big milestone. This month’s Alive! interview is especially good, so don’t miss it.

The paperwork involved in issuing insurance claims can be daunting, and if helping our Members with Club insurance get through all of it at probably one of the worst times in their lives was all we did, that would be a lot. But Director of Claims and Member Advocate Cecilia Talbot and Claims Administrator Monica Zamudio go way beyond that. They are nothing less than advocates for Club Members. They – and the whole Club, really – work hard, quietly but tirelessly, to take care of your needs at your very difficult times.

So, congratulations to Cecilia, Monica and those in the past who have brought us to this awesome milestone. You’re at the heart of what we do.

(A quick note: Thanks, too, to those Club Members who have sent in testimonials about how good our Claims service is. It’s not easy to say publicly that you’ve had a hard time in your life, but your words of encouragement about our service mean a lot to us.)

Moving on … I hope you enjoy our annual tradition of publishing the Mother’s Day greetings in this issue! We’re learning what you want in print and online, and we’ve brought them back to our printed piece. (Still want yours published? It’s not too late. Send it in by May 7 for us to publish them online – go to And don’t forget to submit your Father’s Day greetings, too, for our next issue (go to

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Happy spring everybody!


— John