Working Today for Tomorrow

by John Hawkins,
President and CEO, The Club

People ask me how we come up with our cover stories. The answer is – all sorts of ways. We look for them. Club Members let us know about them. And sometimes a little of both.

Alive! editor John Burnes was talking with Rec and Parks Public Information Director Rose Watson about some ideas for our August issue (Summer in the City) when Rose mentioned a program they had coming up this month. It’s called Pretty in Pink, Rose said, and it’s one of their fastest growing programs.

We were interested. And then when she explained what it was – an empowerment conference for young and teen girls that had grown from 10 participants less than 10 years ago to more than 600 this year – we were all in. And then when Rose said it was developed by employees Reneshia White and Yessica Famoso, and we found out they were Club Members, we couldn’t do the story fast enough! (For the record, though, we cover stories involving all employees, of course not just Club Members! But it just proves the quality of the people who see the value of Club membership.)

Reneshia, who grew up in and around City parks, and Yessica are doing something awesome – they’re mentoring and leading young girls to look to their future to become young women of strength, confidence and self-assurance. It speaks to Reneshia’s and Yessica’s passion for what they do, and the amazing variety of programs available in a modern recreation department like the one we have in the City. We’re lucky for the department’s service.

So thanks, Rose, for the tip, and Club Members, – keep your ideas coming in!

Moving on … here’s a quick shoutout to the Enforcers/Guzzlers, who defeated the Blue Dragons to be crowned the champs of the north division of our Club Softball League. It was the first season for the north division, but the tenth (a decade already!) for our overall league. Sports is an important part of the Club experience, and it’s fun and social! Thanks to all who participated, including our “Commishes,” Lady Smith and Amanda Cadena, and the Sports Dude, Club COO Robert Larios. See you all next season.

As our weather finally looks to clear, keep the Club discounts in mind! Whether it’s for travel, movies, amusement parks, Dodgers tickets, zoos, special events, awesome jewelry … pretty much you name it, save money with our Club benefits.

— John