Wil is a Retiree on the Move.


Meet Wil Halverson

William Halverson retired last year from Transportation after 30 years of City service. During his City career, he worked at the DWP, Public Works/Engineering and Environmental Affairs.

His activities and hobbies include swing dancing, reading, bicycling and gardening.

Retirement for Wil has given his dogs much pleasure and glee because his days are kept busy by keeping up with the dogs; letting the dogs out in the morning, feeding the dogs, walking the dogs, playing ball with the dogs, cleaning up after the dogs, taking the dogs to the vet, and putting the dogs to bed.

Physical fitness is also one of the activities that Wil enjoys tremendously. He keeps in good physical condition by putting in a minimum of 17,000 steps a day. He works out on the elliptical trainer and visits the gym five times a week.

Wil says he is careful in monitoring where his money goes. and managing his personal investments is an activity he enjoys.

He also enjoys socializing with family and friends weekly. Wil and his wife, Bernadette, just celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary with a party.

Since retiring, he has enjoyed traveling and has traveled to Colorado, a winter trip to Europe (Paris, Prague, Vienna, and Dresden), and a spring trip to Denmark, Norway, Iceland, and Scotland.

Wil’s words of wisdom for those who are about to retire is, “Retirement is not an end, but a beginning. Self-discipline is very important in retirement.”

What does he miss about his years of service to the City of Los Angeles? “I truly miss the commuting to work. There is nothing like being stuck in traffic!”

Questioned about whether he would have changed anything in his City career, Wil says, “As I reflect on my City career, I think I would have worked in more City departments and would have contributed more to deferred compensation.”

How do you fill your days? “I keep active. I have no problem filling my days.”
If you could change one thing about retired life, what would that be? “Retired life so far has been pretty good. I think I would spend more time with friends.”