Thomas Boyd is a Retiree on the Move


Meet Thomas Boyd

By Beverly J. Clark, Publicity Director

Thomas Boyd

Meet Thomas Boyd, a Retiree on the Move. Tom began his City career in 2003 and Retired after 16 years in 2019. Tom worked as a part-time LAX Greeter, providing directions and travel advice to arriving passengers in the Tom Bradley International Terminal.

Tom relocated with his parents from Connecticut to La Mesa, Calif., in 1948 when he was two years old. He received an Associate of Arts degree with honors from Palomar College in San Marcos, Calif. After graduation, he served in the United States Navy for three years from 1966 to 1969 at Naval Air Station Norfolk, Va.

In 1972, he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in business administration from Humboldt State University, Arcata, Calif. He is a proud graduate and is heavily involved in many of its programs, especially the university library. He says, “In another life I would have been a librarian just like my mom was.” He donates books regularly to the library, especially books on travel. The library has a cart at the entrance with travel books he has donated. He is excited to be sending two books entitled “2024 The World Almanac” to add to the cart

Tom is intensively happy to note that in 2022 Humboldt State University was renamed California State Polytechnic University, Humboldt (Cal Poly, Humboldt), one of three polytechnic universities in California. He is excited about the construction of new dorms, which will be located a half mile from campus. Construction began May 2023 at an estimated cost of $200 million on 13 acres and will house approximately 1,000 students.

Thomas Boyd, U.S. Navy

Tom has been married to his wife, Cecilia, for more than 19 years. He says she loves to keep busy and is always working. Now that he is Retired, he enjoys stock day trading and keeps himself busy as well, but he also enjoys kicking back, watching the Travel Channel, and reading travel magazines. He is also incredibly happy to be the proud great-uncle of twin boys.

Reflecting on Your City Career

“I miss the money! But I also miss how we worked together with a ‘can-do’ attitude. We were a close-knit group and did our best with what we had. I liked being a part of the team.”

How Do You Fill Your Days in Retirement?

“I am not bored at all. I keep up with sports, especially following the Dodgers. I continue to day-trade stocks, and I am an advocate for soliciting students to attend Cal Poly, which has a student body of only 6,000 students. I believe in giving back and plan to give part of my trust and charitable annuities to the School of Business and the university library upon my passing.”

Words of Wisdom

“I enjoy giving back. When I see a weakness, I try to fill it.”


Tom will be celebrating his birthday on May 15. RLACEI wishes him a very happy birthday!