Stay Active by Attending a LACERS Well Virtual Event

For Retired Employees:

Did you know that all LACERS Well activities have gone virtual in the past year? That means that, no matter where you live, you are able to join in on the fun!

Visit to see the list of online programs and register for upcoming LACERS Well events and activities to keep you connected with your LACERS family, engage with your community, and take care of yourself. If you require assistance, send an email to

LACERS Well Programs Help Fuel Wellbeing

The LACERS Well program continues to build upon the five influences of wellbeing: purpose, social engagement, finances, health and community.

In response to the stress, the loss of connection and the overwhelming resource needs created by the COVID-19 pandemic, the LACERS Well and Champion teams have planned online activities and events to focus on social connectivity, community engagement and mental health/wellness strategies.