RLACEI at LACERS Open Enrollment


At the LACERS Open Enrollment meeting Nov. 9 at the Airtel Plaza Hotel in Van Nuys were Board Directors Vicki Keoseian, Nancy Hammoudian and Lucy Artinian.


n November, LACERS held three in-person open enrollment meetings in Alhambra, Ontario and Van Nuys. The meetings were open to all LACERS members and featured presentations from LACERS staff and LACERS-contracted health insurance representatives. Members who attended were able to ask questions and learn more about their LACERS benefit plans and options.

RLACEI board members attended all three meetings to keep Retirees informed of its goals and the benefits of joining. RLACEI not only focuses on maintaining and protecting benefits for Retired City employees but also offers social events throughout the year for Retirees to stay connected.