Retirements Listing: June 2023

Below is a listing of those who Retired from the City. To all we say, welcome to the best years!

We honor the people who have spent their working lives building, managing and imagining a better LA, and are now Retired. We thank and appreciate all you have done!

Note: If you wish to have a listing deleted from our online posting of Retirement notices, please email us at, stating the name and department of the Retired person. The request must come from the actual Retired person. We derive our lists from official public records provided by the City and LADWP.


You can click on the arrows in the top row to sort by NAME, TITLE, DEPARTMENT or YEARS OF SERVICE. View 10, 25, 50 or 100 per page by clicking on Show Entries.

Aveson, DavidSystems AnalystPublic Works35
Biggs, Steven W.Management AnalystCAO24
Blasquez, Pedro S.ITSLADWPN/D
Box, Stephen M.Project CoordinatorNeighborhood Empowerment6
Calvin, Jackie D.Management AnalystPublic Works37
Campana, Diana J.Metering ServicesLADWPN/D
Canales, TeresaSpecial Prog. AssistantRec and Parks4
Cole, Robert W.Water OperationsLADWPN/D
Crisan, Melissa T.Sr. Administrative ClerkPublic Works27
D’Braunstein, Kevin M.Power TransmissionLADWPN/D
Davis, Keith E.Power C&MLADWPN/D
De La Rosa, Gary R.Human Relations AdvocateEconomic/Workforce Dev.24
Dinsay, Kelly M.Sr. Administrative ClerkLAPD30
Ehrlich, AnatAssistant City AttorneyCity Attorney32
Eng, Herman T.Power EngineeringLADWPN/D
Estrada, Edwin E.Water DistributionLADWPN/D
Fitzgerald, Matthew F.Sr. Personnel AnalystPersonnel21
Galicia, Angeles M.Administrative ClerkLAPD36
Gallie, Stephen B.SustainabilityLADWPN/D
Geihm, Eric J.Police OfficerAirports30
Go, ZenaidaPr. AccountantHousing21
Gonzalez, Fernando F.Wastewater ManagerPublic Works31
Grimm, John R.Refuse Collection Truck OperatorPublic Works16
Guarnett, Victoria L.Animal KeeperZoo21
Guerrero, Robert B.JFB/FacilitiesLADWPN/D
Hall, Monika R.Power EngineeringLADWPN/D
Hamil, Kent S.Power C&MLADWPN/D
Hao, Judy YenjihPsychologistLAPD17
Hernandez, Everardo, R.Power EngineeringLADWPN/D
Hoy, Douglas E.Management AnalystPublic Works24
Jackson, Jimmy G.Sheet Metal WorkerLAFD20
Johnson, Petrona S.Administrative ClerkLibrary26
Jones, Kenneth D.Legal AssistantCity Attorney24
Jones, Roberta R.Customer ServiceLADWPN/D
Kirdsiri, Danny S.Maintenance LaborerAirports16
Kurzhals, Kevin M.Corporate ServicesLADWPN/D
Lehner, Mark P.PlumberRec and Parks25
Leopardi, David E.Energy SupportLADWPN/D
Lin, Charles Chi-WeiComm. Engineering AssociateITA15
Loprino, Mary E.Gardener CaretakerRec and Parks18
Lum, EdmundBuilding Mech. InspectorBuilding and Safety32
Luna, Albert D.Warehouse/TR WorkerPublic Works24
Madrid, FrankSupply ChainLADWPN/D
Malacon, Eduardo M.Power EngineeringLADWPN/D
Mangold, Steven L.Director, Port C/MHarbor37
Martin, Bill R.ITSLADWPN/D
Maxey, Rhonda R.Sr. Management AnalystLAPD30
Mayer, James E.Power TransmissionLADWPN/D
McClean, Carol J.CommercialLADWPN/D
Merriett, Nobel M.Equine KeeperLAPD16
Meyer, Robert S.St. Services SupervisorPublic Works23
Mitchell, David L.Supply ChainLADWPN/D
Montenegro, Sylvia A.Management AnalystAirports29
Moore, Alma V.Police Service RepLAPD37
Moore, JustinMetering ServicesLADWPN/D
Nunez, Daniel T.Water DistributionLADWPN/D
Nunley, Phillip E.Sr. Management AnalystPublic Works19
Perez, Renato C.Power C&MLADWPN/D
Polizzi, Jacqueline J.Sr. Administrative ClerkLAPD6
Price, David H.Security OfficerAirports20
Rayford, Kimberley C.Traffic OfficerTransportation34
Rodriguez, Christopher R.Power New BusinessLADWPN/D
Rodriguez, Felix J.Police Service Rep.LAPD35
Rosenthal, Walter A.Construction InspectorPublic Works14
Silva, Frank M.Gardener CaretakerRec and Parks17
Tillman, Chrys M.Pr. ClerkLAPD34
Tiongco, Edwin N.Pr. AccountantEconomic/Workforce Dev.22
Villa, JoaquinSpecial Prog. AssistantRec and Parks9
Villanueva, Rolando D.Veterinary TechnicianAnimal Services26
Wilson, Cecil R.JFB/FacilitiesLADWPN/D
Winger, Deborah L.Power TransmissionLADWPN/D
Woodard, Michael P.Police OfficerAirports19
Zari, Ethelda B.Sr. Management AnalystLAPD30