Retirements Listing: November 2022

Below is a listing of those who Retired from the City in August 2022. To all we say, welcome to the best years!

We honor the people who have spent their working lives building, managing and imagining a better LA, and are now Retired. We thank and appreciate all you have done!

Note: If you wish to have a listing deleted from our online posting of Retirement notices, please email us at, stating the name and department of the Retired person. The request must come from the actual Retired person. We derive our lists from official public records provided by the City and LADWP.


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Adams, Vernon P.Refuse Coll. Truck Op.Public Works33
Aldredge, Marvin H.Parking Meter Tech.Transportation21
Alloh, Emmanuel E.Envnmtl. Eng.Public Works35
Antrilli, Nicola R.Metering ServicesLADWPN/D
Arellano, Antonio B.Special Programs Asst.Rec and Parks7
Ayers, Randal A.Security OfficerAirports22
Bagnerise, Anthony C.Sr. Park Maint. Sup.Rec and Parks28
Baker, Carl N.Construction InspectorPublic Works22
Batson, Marleen L.Sr. Admin. ClerkBldg. & Safety30
Bernal, Edna D.Supply ChainLADWPN/D
Berns, Lori T.Energy DistributionLADWPN/D
Boney, BernitaAdmin. ClerkPublic Works20
Boyer, Dale D.JFB/Facilities Mgmt.LADWPN/D
Braviroff, Daniel C.Equipment MechanicGen. Services30
Calderon, TerryAdmin. ClerkLAFD16
Cruz, Joseph F.Asst. Dir., Str. Maint.Public Works27
Davis, Brenda J.InvestigatorHousing20
Drones, Ronald L.Sr. Security OfficerLAPD29
Edralin, Annette S.Comm. Info. Rep.ITA34
Esparza, David L.Asst. General Mgr.Econ./Wrkfrc. Dev.3
Fong, PeterDept. Chief Acct.Library34
Fowler, Charles L.Power TransmissionLADWPN/D
Geere, Stacy T.Public Relations Dir.Airports17
Gold, Scott S.Power TransmissionLADWPN/D
Gonzales, Jesse R.Special Programs Asst.Rec and Parks7
Griffin, EricFacility DirectorRec and Parks20
Griffith, TimothyPr. InspectorBldg. & Safety34
Guerrero, Salvador E.Power SupplyLADWPN/D
Henriquez, Carlos E.Engineering Assoc.Transportation25
Home, Maureen M.Deputy City AttorneyCity Attorney1
Horlick, Jay D.Power C&MLADWPN/D
Huynh, Linda M.Benefits SpecialistLACERS37
Johnson, HaroldPr. Public Relations Rep.Airports21
Jones III, ErnestBuilding Operating Eng.Airports10
Jones, Mary KateAideCouncil13
Kenard, Courtney A.Property Mgr.Airports26
Kwong, BensonEnergy GenerationLADWPN/D
Lacey, Paul H.Power TransmissionLADWPN/D
Lahoree, DaoroongFinancial Mgr.Airports32
Lopez, JavierAnimal Care Tech. Supv.Animal Services31
Martinez, JavierGardener CaretakerRec and Parks27
Moore, Gary L.City Eng.Public Works37
Moran, Victor H.Refuse Coll. SupervisorPublic Works32
Mosley, Joseph E.Traffic Painter Sign PostAirport23
Muniz, Edward L.Power SupplyLADWPN/D
Muntz, Paul D.Field Eng. AidePublic Works27
Nabegh, Reza G.Sr. Wastewater Treat. Op.Public Works15
Napue, Trena D.Supply Srvc. Payment Ck.Gen. Services22
Neaman, Maria L.General AccountingLADWPN/D
Nonnemaker, Craig A.Field Eng. AidePublic Works17
Odulio, Dominic M.Customer ServiceLADWPN/D
Ogbeni, AdonisEnvnmtl. Assoc.Public Works32
Ontiveros, Amanda A.Gardener CaretakerRec and Parks9
Pelaez, Carlos M.Sr. Housing InspectorHousing28
Petterez, Martha A.InvestigatorCity Attorney5
Puchalski, MayraChief Mgmt. AnalystCity Clerk30
Rolston, William J.Energy DistributionLADWPN/D
Saad, HanaSystems ProgrammerITA25
Saiyan, Antranik G.Environ. Eng. Assoc.Public Works20
Sanchez, Fermin G.Parking AttendantGen. Services32
Seales, AnnSr. Benefits AnalystLACERS27
Sementelli, GaryRecreation Asst.Rec and Parks3
Setiarto, BenjaminParking Mgr.Gen. Services25
Sevilla, Aurora R.Accounting ClerkFinance23
Silva, Ricardo E.Sr. Admin. ClerkGen. Services23
Slaughter, Dreda M.Crossing GuardTransportation4
Thomas, Darryl L.Custodian SupervisorGen. Services14
Tjia, Sulastri B.Office Tech.Bldg. & Safety32
Torres, ElenoBus OperatorAirports16
Torres, Maritess T.Sr. AccountantPublic Works15
Valerio, Priscilla L.Maintenance LaborerPublic Works18
Wang, ChaoyenDeputy City AttorneyCity Attorney33
Williams, Kenneth E.Traffic OfficerTransportation13
Wilson, Trenita L.Sr. Systems AnalystLAPD38
Wong, Irene L.Sr. Legal ClerkCity Attorney8
Young, Dwight D.Power Safety/TrainingLADWPN/D