Here’s a listing of all those who retired from the City this month.

To all we say, welcome to the Best Years!


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Abalos, James T.Ch. Personnel AnalystPersonnel32
Abercrombie, LindaAdmin. ClerkPublic Works14
Abesamis, Romeo A.Sr. Detention Off.LAPD26
Afary, FriedaLibrarianLibrary10
Aguayo, EdgardoEnergy Dist.LADWPN/D
Aparicio, Robert S.Power SupplyLADWPN/D
Arimura, TsukasaMotor Sweeper Op.Public Works16
Arrecis, Maria HerlindaProg. Asst.Rec and Parks5
Avery, RebeccaSecurity Srvs.LADWPN/D
Baldwin, Thomas Z.Civil Engr. Asst.Housing6
Ball, Stacy LynnPolice Service RepLAPD32
Barnes, Bridgette R.Accounting ClerkAirports32
Bautista, SandraPrincipal Detention Off.LAPD29
Blessingham, Gary A.JFB/FacilitiesLADWPN/D
Bonner, Alan M.Wastewater Coll.Sup.Public Works35
Borchert, David O.Water OperationsLADWPN/D
Borsaly, Khaled A.Water DistributionLADWPN/D
Brents, Karen L.Police Service RepLAPD30
Briscoe, Wortham F.Ref. Coll. Truck Op.Public Works32
Brown, Rhonda LeePolice Service RepLAPD18
Cachon, Phil SantiagoEquipment MechanicGen. Srvs.13
Calaycay, Lupo A.Admin. ClerkLibrary22
Campana, Glenn A.Facility DirectorRec and Parks17
Campos, GabrielSpecial Prog. Asst.Rec and Parks5
Canning, Charles H.Office Tech.Bldg. & Safety34
Cappello, Joseph M.Supply ChainLADWPN/D
Carr, YolandaCustodianGen. Srvs.12
Castillo, Jesus A.Animal Control Off.Animal Srvs.31
Castro, Viola M.Admin. ClerkLibrary23
Caudillo, Jose A.Special Prog. Asst.Rec and Parks9
Cavanagh, John V.Construction Insp.Airports16
Chacon, Alfred T.Refuse Coll. Truck Op.Public Works33
Ching, Eugene I.Land Surveying Asst.Public Works17
Collins, Michael E.Metering Srvs.LADWPN/D
Cook, Beverly A.Asst. City AttorneyCity Attorney28
Cordon, John ThomasBldg. Mechanic Insp.Bldg. & Safety19
Cutts, Stephen PaulEnvironmental Spec.Public Works1
Davis, LawandaPower TransmissionLADWPN/D
Diaz, Jose C.Light Equipment Op.Rec and Parks32
Doughty, Thomas J.Marketing DirectorLADWPN/D
Doyle, Patrick A.Power C&MLADWPN/D
Duvall, Patrice A.Sr. Admin. ClerkLADWP/PEON/D
Engel, Joseph WilliamBldg. Operating Eng.Airports13
Evangelista, Gary C.Sr. Construction Insp.Public Works30
Evans, Michael E.Elevator MechanicAirports5
Ferreira, RobertSr. Construction Insp.Public Works20
Franklin, Kenneth L.Water BiologistPublic Works38
Franklin, Venus L.Traffic Off.Transportation30
German, PeterWastewater Coll. Wrkr.Public Works17
Gonzalez, Patricia DebraSr. Admin. ClerkPersonnel36
Granados, Lida C.Mayoral AideMayor’s Office10
Gulke Jr., Roland C.Env. Chem. LabLADWPN/D
Gustafson, Jerome D.Power C&MLADWPN/D
Guzman, MariaCrossing GuardTransportation4
Halberg, Terry G.ITSLADWPN/D
Halstead, JeffreySr. GardenerRec and Parks15
Hastings, Norene A.EnvironmentalSup.Airports20
Hayes, Lisa F.Security Srvs.LADWPN/D
Henry, Phillip J.Recreation Asst.Rec and Parks9
Hernandez, EddiePolice Sgt.Harbor23
Holland, David EugeneTraffic Off.Transportation15
Huntington, Gary D.Asst. Park Srvs. Attend.Rec and Parks5
Hyams, Michael ThomasPolice Admin.LAPD6
Jackson, Randall D.Office of SafetyLADWPN/D
Jew, KevinSr. Mgmt. AnalystPublic Works32
Johnson, Carlton H.Background Invest.Personnel14
Johnson, MichelleCustodianGen. Srvs.16
Jones, David M.Power TransmissionLADWPN/D
Jones, Maurice TiersPolice Off.Airports14
Kimble, Bobby N.CustodianGen. Srvs.12
Kovara, Michael A.Energy Dist.LADWPN/D
Labrador, Manuel FrankSr. Equipment Mech.Gen. Srvs.18
Lee McAdory, Auvia PamelaPolice Service RepLAPD18
Liang, ShanSr. LibrarianLibrary18
Lopez, Lawrence A.Metering Srvs.LADWPN/D
Lopez, Patricia MariaComm./Admin. Sup. Wrkr.El Pueblo Hist. Mon.10
Luera, RobertoBldg. Mech. Insp.Bldg. & Safety28
Luna, M.L.AccountingLADWPN/D
Macias, RichardPile Driver WorkerHarbor18
Marshall, Robert L.Metering Srvs.LADWPN/D
Martin, Booker CustodianGen. Srvs.16
Martinez Jr., RodolfoPower C&MLADWPN/D
Mason, Pamela M.Library Asst.Library32
Matheney, Iris W.CustodianGen. Srvs.20
McCann, Jeffrey C.Power TransmissionLADWPN/D
Meuwissen, Anthony P.Security Srvs.LADWPN/D
Mihalevsky, SvetlanaRecreation Asst.Rec and Parks9
Mohandie, Krishnan R.Police PsychologistLAPD13
Montanez, Oscar J.Heavy Duty Equip. Mech.Gen. Srvs.16
Navarrete, Georginnah F.Chief Mgmt. AnalystAirports31
Nickelson, Bridget K.Sr. Mgmt. AnalystAirports30
Nnuro, Augustine K.Environmental Eng.Public Works32
O’Bryan, Patricia A.Admin. ClerkLibrary21
Oden, Sherri D.Customer ServiceLADWPN/D
Oke, Richard A.Sr. Safety Eng. ElevatorsBldg. & Safety34
Olsen, Steven J.Sr. GardenerRec and Parks5
Ostby, Gary S.Real EstateLADWPN/D
Palmas, CruzCustomer ServiceLADWPN/D
Pau, Paul C.Water OperationsLADWPN/D
Peck, Norman P.Construction Insp.Public Works14
Perez, Bernardo J.Gardener CaretakerRec and Parks22
Ramirez, RaudelMaintenance LaborerPublic Works21
Reed, Leticia L.St. Srvs. InvestigatorPublic Works33
Rice, PaulaMessenger ClerkLibrary2
Ridder, Lymon J.Power TransmissionLADWPN/D
Rios, MyraLegal SecretaryCity Attorney5
Rivera, Louis ReynaldoAquatic Facility Mgr.Rec and Parks31
Roberson, NanetteRecreation Asst.Rec and Parks7
Rodarte, Guadalupe H.Metering Srvs.LADWPN/D
Rodriguez, EdwardCouncil AideCouncil4
Rodriguez, Leticia B.AccountingLADWPN/D
Rodriguez, MarcialSpecial Program Asst.Rec and Parks6
Rodriguez, Mary DoloresCouncil AideCouncil13
Rodriguez, SergioBldg. Mech. Insp.Bldg. & Safety33
Romero, Maria S.ITSLADWPN/D
Salas, Heriberto M.Power C&MLADWPN/D
Salehpour, Hamid R.Asst. Insp.Personnel7
San Agustin, Meliton Y.Power Executive OfficeLADWPN/D
Sepe, Angelo A.Metering Srvs.LADWPN/D
Settle, Andrew ThomasSignal Systems Electr.Transportation10
Shackelford, David O.Security Off.Airports30
Sheedy, Eve F.Deputy City AttorneyCity Attorney19
Sheeran, Margaret A.Recreation Asst.Rec and Parks7
Sierra, Annette M.Deputy City AttorneyCity Attorney28
Smith, Ava H.Messenger ClerkLibrary15
Smith, Darryl V.Police Service RepLAPD26
Smith, Dawn M.Ch. Comm. Oper.Airports31
Southall, BarryJFB/FacilitiesLADWPN/D
Tamuri, Maureen TheresaAsst. General ManagerRec and Parks2
Tan, Erkan MarkStructural Eng. Assoc.Public Works35
Tarnowski, John W.Water OperationsLADWPN/D
Thomas, Dorine A.Sr. Police Service RepLAPD36
Tilton, James M.Env. Chem. LabLADWPN/D
Tirado, Elias JoseSr. Systems AnalystLAPD20
Tongson, Henry BarrogaAccounting ClerkBldg. & Safety21
Ulloa, GlafiraCrossing GuardTransportation14
Unger, Bren I.Law ClerkCity Attorney5
Valenzuela, PhillipRefuse Coll. Truck Op.Public Works31
Van Cise, Eugene A.Mgmt. AnalystCity Clerk16
Vela, Norma E.Customer ServiceLADWPN/D
Vickers, James H.Power TransmissionLADWPN/D
Villada, Carlos C.Water DistributionLADWPN/D
Villegas, Yolanda E.Admin. ClerkLibrary15
Viso, Tory P.Power TransmissionLADWPN/D
Wahls, W. DeanSr. Real Estate Off.Airports15
Watson, Robert CraigRefuse Coll. Truck Op.Public Works31
Webber, AmyDeputy City AttorneyCity Attorney18
Westling, Robert R.Police Off.Airports24
Whaley, Alan D.Power C&MLADWPN/D
White, Kenneth J.Fleet Srvs.LADWPN/D
Williams, Anthony M.Security Off.Harbor22
Williams, ChristopherMuseum GuideRec and Parks4
Wong, SusannaSr. Legal ClerkCity Attorney32
Yapp, Kim MarieEnvironmentalSup.Environ. Affairs18
Yeganeh, KooroshSystems ProgrammerITA22
Zelaya, Edith M.Sr. Admin. ClerkLAPD26
Zermeno, Susan J.City PlannerPlanning32