Here’s a listing of all those who retired from the City this month.

To all we say, welcome to the Best Years!


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Abegglen, Randall L.Light Equip. OperatorRec and Parks33
Acuna, Nardo P.Office Eng. TechPublic Works20
Alger, Howard LeeEnvironmental Spec.Bldg. & Safety28
Alva, Neal V.Power SupplyLADWPN/D
Amaral, CarlosCustodian Gen. Services34
Aparicio, Linda RosePub. Info. DirectorLACERS32
Arvizu, RaymundoSpec. Prog. Asst.Rec and Parks1
Barillas, ConnieRecreation Asst.Rec and Parks2
Beckman Jr., Ralph D.Metering ServicesLADWPN/D
Benjamins, RoyPr. Civil Eng. Draft TechHarbor41
Beveridge, Michael R.Pr. InspectorBldg. & Safety32
Beverly, Tracy LouiseSr. Police Serv. RepLAPD28
Breyer, Christophe L.CriminalistLAPD18
Brooks, Patrick A.Equipment MechanicGen. Services25
Burks, Linda DeniseSr. Admin. ClerkPublic Works31
Carlson, Holly G..Accounting ClerkHarbor38
Carurucan, Leonica M.Messenger ClerkLibrary11
Castillo, Jorge T.Power SupplyLADWPN/D
Cawyer, Rebecca LynnEngineerAirports31
Chavez, Mary V.Power TransmissionLADWPN/D
Chen, Steven J.Pr. Civil EngineerPublic Works32
Cisneros, Alejandro B.Gardener CaretakerHarbor17
Cormier, Michael DennisSecurity OfficerLAPD2
Cotton, Vincent StephenPr. InspectorBldg. & Safety25
Cruz, GavinoEvent AttendantConvention Ctr.13
Di Tucci, Julie A.WharfingerHarbor37
Diaz, JoelGarage AttendantLAPD34
Digrazia, John A.Admin. Coord.City Attorney14
Domingo, Danny RoblesSpecial Prog. Asst.Harbor34
Dominguez, DanielSpecial Prog. Asst.Rec and Parks9
Donaldson, Treba S.Recreation Asst.Rec and Parks10
Esparza, JavierWater DistributionLADWPN/D
Font, Michelle AlexisSr. Admin. ClerkLAPD34
Ford, MaePolice Service RepLAPD33
Galvez, Randy L.Custodian Supv.Airports25
Ganley, Brian A.Chief Info. OfficerLAPD1
Garcia, Ana VioletaWorkers Comp AnalystPersonnel20
Garcia, EliseoAirport GuideAirports9
Garibian, Victor V.Security ServicesLADWPN/D
Goss, Glenda ReneeAdmin. ClerkAirports15
Grime, Edward L.Power TransmissionLADWPN/D
Guilles, Reynaldo CleofeAccounting ClerkTransportation15
Hardy, ShannonSr. Admin. ClerkPublic Works29
Hare, Wilbur S.Environmental Eng.Public Works31
Hernandez, PaulMunicipal OfficerLAPD31
Holcomb, St. James L.Airport PoliceAirports18
Holmes, Barton C.Sr. Build. InspectorBldg. & Safety15
Hudson, Wendell AveryEquipment OperatorPublic Works32
Johnson, Alton RayRefuse Coll. Truck Op.Public Works29
Jones, Martha M.Sr. Detention OfficerLAPD36
Kirkpatrick, Peggie AnneProgrammer/AnalystITA/LADWP23
Lee, Angela Y.Sr. Mgmt. AnalystITA15
Lee, Cynthia D.Power TransmissionLADWPN/D
Mangalin, Diane EllenAnimal KeeperZoo8
Mayorga, Delia I.Admin. ClerkLibrary24
Mazariego, Raul AntonioSr. Traffic SupervisorTransportation31
McAngus, GaryPainter SupervisorHarbor37
Mcglover-Jeffery, Toi ShawnnMgmt. AnalystAirports30
Mejia, Gloria Del CarmenLocker Room AttendantRec and Parks5
Metzger, Maria IsabelDep. City AttorneyCity Attorney10
Mfume, Dequita J.Mgmt. AnalystHarbor38
Munoz, Marvin ReneMaintenance LaborerPublic Works20
Nahapetian, StellaSr. LibrarianLibrary31
Neal, Michael AnthonyRefuse Coll. Truck Op.Public Works31
Nila, Gerald D.Energy GenerationLADWPN/D
Norris, Edwin McCullumEquipment MechanicHarbor22
Norris, Elgin McKinleyHeavy Duty Equip. Mech.Harbor27
Odoi, Godfred A.Env. Chem. LabLADWPN/D
Odulio, Demosthenes M.Facilities ServicesLADWPN/D
Owens, Brendan G.Power New BusinessLADWPN/D
Petter, Kenneth LeePlumberHarbor15
Ramirez, WilliamEmer. Prepare. Coord.Airports26
Ramiro, Romuel TyPolice Service RepLAPD27
Rashid, AbdulPr. AccountantHarbor27
Real, Kirby DonMaintenance Supv.Airports25
Riggins, Larry D.Equipment OperatorPublic Works26
Rivera, Jose JoaquinWelderHarbor22
Rivera, TeodoroMaint./Constr. HelperCultural Affairs4
Robinson, FatimaMgmt. AnalystPublic Works36
Robles, EduardoProperty ManagerHarbor16
Rodgers, Edward L.Water DistributionLADWPN/D
Rodriguez, Baudelio P.Special Prog. Asst.Rec and Parks9
Rodriguez, EddieRefuse Coll. Truck Op.Public Works30
Rodriguez, Elise GloriaSr. Police Service RepLAPD11
Rosen, Martin G.Environmental Supv.Bldg. & Safety30
Samiian, Rodney BobakStructural Eng. Assoc.Bldg. & Safety21
Sanchez, RebeccaSr. Admin. ClerkHarbor14
Sanico, Jocelyn J.Supply ChainLADWPN/D
Shen, Luwen J.Materials Mgmt.LADWPN/D
Sioson, Rodil A.Detention OfficerLAPD24
Slusher, CherryRecreation Asst.Rec and Parks9
Smith, Gretchen P.Dep. City AttorneyCity Attorney22
Smith, Sheli O.Maritime Museum Cur.Rec and Parks5
Taylor, JacquelineCustodianAirports15
Verdugo, Cecil DanielCarpenterHarbor31
Villasenor, JuanMaintenance Supv.Rec and Parks15
Wakefield, Donald L.Construction InspectorPublic Works20