Here’s a listing of all those who retired from the City this month.

To all we say, welcome to the Best Years!


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Abellanosa, Glenn Y.Property OfficerLAPD25
Adamo, Miriam P.Witness Serv. Coord.City Attorney23
Adams, Melinda A.Sr. Admin. ClerkLAPD25
Alcantara, SalvadorUpholstererRec & Parks31
Alcedo, Maribel AmpilSr. Admin. ClerkLAPD14
Allen, Samuel C.Payroll SupervisorLibrary40
Amanti, Julia LynneSr. Admin. ClerkCity Clerk32
Amato, Peter J.Irrigation SpecialistRec & Parks34
Anda, RobertMetering ServicesDWPN/D
Anderson, Jacqueline A.St. Services WorkerPublic Works17
Anyayahan, Rene G.Traffic OfficerTransportation30
Archibeque, Leonard L.Power TransmissionDWPN/D
Arias, Maria E.Sr. Witness Serv. Coord.City Attorney40
Armour, Jessica EarlineMgmnt. AnalystLAPD25
Armour, Randy G.Refuse Coll. Truck Op.Public Works25
Askew, Eric RodneyMgmnt. AideLAPD30
Aubrey, David E.Golf Starter Supv.Rec & Parks19
Ayers, Lonnie WilliamSr. Environ. Eng.Public Works33
Baham, Ida MariaSr. Admin. ClerkLAPD36
Bailey, Marvin A.Traffic OfficerTransportation30
Baker, Robert D.Park Maint. Supv.Rec & Parks22
Balba, Ernesto C.Power TransmissionDWPN/D
Banh, MyAccounting ClerkLAFD33
Barrera Reny, ElizabethDep. City AttorneyCity Attorney27
Bassett, AndreaSecretaryLAPD34
Becerra, Alma RosaSr. Admin. ClerkLAPD31
Bellin, Laura E.Admin. ClerkLibrary5
Benjamins, MariaSr. Admin. ClerkPublic Works35
Bob, Bradley ReeseTraffic OfficerTransportation43
Bose, DarrellRefuse Coll. Truck Op.Public Works31
Boylan, Thomas J.Supt. of OperatinosAirports24
Brenner, Larry R.Transp. Eng. AideTransportation34
Brice, Valerie AnnSr. Admin. ClerkPersonnel36
Brodie, ChristopheAquarium EducatorRec & Parks28
Brown, Louis L.Rec. Coord.Rec & Parks19
Brown, Michelle D.Pr. ClerkPublic Works25
Bufford, Latrease A.Detention OfficerLAPD31
Bunn, Nancy A.Sr. Animal KeeperZoo31
Cabada, JulieSecretaryLAPD30
Cabral, Martha L.Accounting ClerkCity Clerk31
Cadia, Theresa C.Accounting ClerkTransportation31
Calayag, Orlando RamirezVet. Tech.Animal Srvcs.32
Campbell, Greg S.Ch. Airports Engr.Airports31
Campfield, Laura M.Rec. Facility DirectorRec & Parks32
Carranceja, Jude R.Accounting ClerkPersonnel29
Carter, Michael LorenProperty OfficerLAPD24
Casas, TeresaSecretaryLAPD36
Casillas, Jesus S.Park Maint. Supv.Rec & Parks33
Castro, Esperanza C.Vet. Tech.Animal Srvcs.20
Chaffee, KeithLibrarianLibrary30
Chan, Marla JeanneSr. Admin. ClerkZoo32
Chang, David D.Sr. Structural Eng.Bldg. & Safety37
Chapman, Charles J.Sr. GardenerRec & Parks30
Cheffet, Jeffrey ElliottVet. Tech.Animal Srvcs.43
Chen, Linda LiuSr. Admin. ClerkLAPD31
Cheung, Eric LingCivil Eng. Draft TechTransportation31
Chu, Lin Ai G.Sr. Admin. ClerkLAPD20
Clarke, Linda M.Sr. Admin. ClerkPlanning46
Clayborn, CarmenSr. Admin. ClerkHousing32
Coleman, Yvonne S.Sr. Admin. ClerkPersonnel21
Collins, Noel AnnSr. Admin. ClerkLAPD30
Coloso, Priscilla J.Sr. Admin. ClerkAnimal Srvcs.24
Cook, Marilyn B.Admin. ClerkLibrary10
Cooper, Howard J.Civil Eng. Draft Tech.Public Works43
Cortez, Jorge A.Truck Op.Public Works19
Cotangco, Maria MendozaArch. Draft Tech.LAPD12
Craig, Remedios FloresSr. Admin. ClerkLAPD26
Cromwell, SonyaSr. Admin. ClerkPublic Works30
Dallalzadeh, ShahlaInfo System Mgr.Airports32
Dare, Katherine Q.Sr. Witness Serv. Coord.City Attorney44
Davis, Derrick L.Sr. Commun. Op.ITA35
De La Cruz, Victor M.Accounting ClerkDept. on Disability30
De La Rosa, MichaelCh. Mgmnt. AnalystPersonnel31
De Ronde, Lisa R.SecretaryLAPD38
Del Rosario, Ramon R.Environ. Eng. Ass.Public Works30
Delacruz, IldefonsoCivil Eng. Draft Tech.Transportation33
Diaz, Mario A.Heavy Duty Truck Op.Public Works22
Diego, Yong C.Sr. Admin. ClerkLAPD30
Dixon, Valerie D.Commun. Info. Rep.Public Works33
Domingo, Billie De LeonAccounting ClerkPublic Works34
Doyle, Cynthya MarieSr. Admin. ClerkLAPD31
Dunn, RobertRec. Coord.Rec & Parks20
Duran, RamonaLegal SecretaryCity Attorney22
Edwards. Candace M.Scenario Dev./Fin. Plan.DWPN/D
Espino, MonicaSr. Admin. ClerkLAPD31
Espinoza, Alfred DavidSecurity OfficerAirports12
Ferraz, Maria MonzonWork. Comp Claims Asst.Personnel31
Finazzo, Steve A.Power TransmissionDWPN/D
Fix, Michael L.Fleet ServicesDWPN/D
Flores, Arthur T.Auto. DispatcherGen. Services33
Flores, BlancaGardener CaretakerRec & Parks26
Florin, Gary W.PhotographerRec & Parks25
Flowers, MichaelMotor Sweeper Op.Public Works43
Foster, AlexanderTraffic OfficerTransportation41
Fruge Moseley, MadeleinePr. Property OfficerLAPD30
Galandeynes, OrlandoSupply Serv. Pay. Clk.Gen. Services20
Galbraith, AnnamariaRec. Supv.Rec & Parks22
Gallon, Apryl FeliciaSr. Admin. ClerkPersonnel32
Galvan, Martha EugeniaSr. Admin. ClerkLAPD33
Gantt, Joseph NapoleonWastewater Coll. Wrk.Public Works3
Gee, StephenSr. Systems AnalystLAPD23
Ginete, Eliseo G.Accounting ClerkPublic Works24
Glenn, GregoryRec. Facilities Dir.Rec & Parks32
Gonzales, MarySr. Admin. ClerkLAPD34
Gonzales, Sally A.Sr. Admin. ClerkLAFD32
Gordon, Synthia S.Customer ServiceDWPN/D
Graziano, NormaSr. Admin. ClerkLAPD17
Griffin, JeanetteSr. Legal ClerkCity Attorney20
Griffin, Walter M.Printing Press Oper.Gen. Services28
Grindle, Steve L.Water OperationsDWPN/D
Guillen, Manuel P.Irrigation SpecialistZoo32
Guzman, BennyPower Constr./Maint.DWPN/D
Han, KevinEnv. Chem. LabDWPN/D
Harmon, Heidi M.Airport Eng.Airports32
Hatley, Barbara J.Animal Control Off.Animal Srvcs.30
Henry, Adrienne MarieTraffic OfficerTransportation31
Herrera, Teresita A.SecretaryLAPD18
Herron, JohnHeavy Duty Truck Op.Public Works26
Hilliard Moultry, SabrinaSupply Serv. Pay. Clk.Gen. Services31
Hilliard, Deborah ReneTraffic OfficerTransportation32
Hinojos, Linda M.Customer ServiceDWPN/D
Holaza, JoanSr. Admin. ClerkPlanning24
Hollingsworth, RobertCivil Eng. Draft Tech.Public Works30
Hwang, Chia Y.Env. Chem. LabDWPN/D
Huffman, Joyce A.Legal SecretaryCity Attorney22
Hurwitz, Jeffrey AlanSr. Admin. ClerkLAPD31
Jackson, ArthurRec. Facilities Dir.Rec & Parks21
Jacobs, Teresa ChareePolice Service Rep.LAPD25
Javier, Janine GuiraudSecretaryLAPD34
Johnson, Yul ClementeSr. Police Service RepLAPD32
Jones, Bridget AnitaSr. Admin. ClerkLAPD34
Jones, Cornelis L.Sr. Admin. ClerkEcon./Wkforce Dev.31
Joya, Carol A.Accounting ClerkHousing15
Kadera, Douglas R.Energy ControlDWPN/D
Kao, MicheleSr. Admin. ClerkLAPD31
Kauf, Jeffrey M.Metering ServicesDWPN/D
Kimble, Laverne H.Rec. Facilities Dir.Rec & Parks40
Knotts, Charles E.Safety Engr. Elev.Bldg. & Safety7
Lacey, Clifford E.Power SupplyDWPN/D
Lager, Scott D.Airports Maint. Supt.Airports34
Lalicker, Russell S.Water OperationsDWPN/D
Lam, Cam NguyetSr. Admin. ClerkLAPD36
Lansdon, Theodore D.Heavy Duty Truck Op.Public Works22
Le, Anh Q.Civil Eng. Draft Tech.Public Works17
Le, Quan V.Civil Eng. Draft TechPublic Works29
Le, Ro V.Power Const./Maint.DWPN/D
Lee, Daisy M.Sr. Admin. ClerkLAPD31
Lee, Dean C.Struct. Eng. Assoc.Bldg. & Safety36
Lee, Elizabeth H.Accounting ClerkFinance37
Lee, Enrique D.StorekeeperGen. Services30
Lee, Teresita S.Legal SecretaryCity Attorney21
Lenarczyk, RichardEnergy Dist.DWPN/D
Leong, TangerineAnimal KeeperZoo34
Lewis, Debra L.Sr. Admin. ClerkController’s Office30
Lewis, Leon E.Power Const./Maint.DWPN/D
Lewis, Roy L.Truck Op.Public Works35
Li, Lourdes J.Sr. Admin. ClerkTransportation36
Ling, Irene SuiSr. Admin. ClerkLAPD31
Lomeli, Angelica M.Witness Serv. Coord.City Attorney36
Look, Nathan L.Info Systems Mgr.Airports33
Lopez, Bertha A.SecretaryLAPD34
Lopez, RubenFleet ServicesDWPN/D
Love, Ruby M.Sr. Admin. ClerkController40
Lu, Cheh C.Power SupplyDWPN/D
Lucero, Deborah G.Power Const./Maint.DWPN/D
Ly, Kimsa ThiSr. Admin. ClerkPersonnel32
Mariglia, Dennis L.Water DistributionDWPN/D
Marquez, MariaSr. Admin. ClerkPersonnel34
Martin Spates, Yvette R.Sr. Admin. ClerkLAPD36
Martin, Diana L.Sr. Admin. ClerkLAPD30
Martinez, Anna MarieSecretaryCity Clerk42
Martinez, Sally C.Mayoral AideMayor’s Office19
Massey, Teresa M.Sr. Admin. ClerkLAPD18
Mata, BerthaSupply Serv. Pay. Clk.Gen. Services36
McNally, ConstanceMgmnt. AideLAPD35
McCauley, RamonaSr. Admin. ClerkLAPD21
McKell, Marcia D.Sr. Admin. ClerkLAPD21
McKenzie, Lisa RochelleAccounting ClerkFinance31
McNicholas, MoninaSr. Mgmnt. AnalystAirports10
McPherson, GaynellSr. Traffic Supv.Transportation21
Mendoza, John PhillipStorekeeperGen. Services33
Mendoza, Sylvia A.Sr. Admin. ClerkLAFD38
Menez, Regina JavierSr. Admin. ClerkLAPD34
Middleton, JacquelineSr. Admin. ClerkCity Clerk36
Mirto, Judy CudiaAccounting ClerkPersonnel34
Miu, Mary Ann R.Sr. Admin. ClerkPublic Works32
Modi, Beena B.Accounting ClerkPublic Works20
Molidor, Mary C.Ch. Asst. City Att.City Attorney41
Montez, Mario TechCity Clerk30
Moore, Nancy J.SecretaryLAPD45
Moralez, JamesEng. Tech.Public Works22
Mui, Teresa Yim FongAccounting ClerkPublic Works20
Murakami, Hank F.Accounting ClerkLAFD33
Nagos, Annette MarieSr. Admin. ClerkTransportation35
Navarrete, Darlene K.Sr. Admin. ClerkPlanning36
Navarro, ErnestinaSecretaryPublic Works31
Navarro, Frumencia M.Accounting ClerkPublic Works34
Nelson, Eileen D.SecretaryLAPD21
Neustadter, Kevin E.Traffic OfficerTransportation31
Ngo, Thu Doan KimAccounting ClerkPublic Works31
Nicholas, Paul D.Rec. Coord.Rec & Parks19
Noa, Semu FaguRec. Coord.Rec & Parks14
Noble, Elizabeth M.Accounting ClerkHousing32
Noll, Robin ElaineSr. Animal KeeperZoo38
Norman, Dexter C.Traff. Paint. Sign PostTransportation33
Noyes, Gailanne K.SecretaryLAPD20
Nwachukwu, Isaac U.Pr. Tax Compliance Off.Finance27
Okamoto, MarietaTax Compliance AideFinance35
Olivares, RamonExec. AssistantAirports40
Ontal, Reuben MallorcaCivil Eng. Draft Tech.Transportation34
Orr, Claudia EchavarriMgmnt. AssistantLAPD33
Ortiz, Daniel JamesHead Custodian Supv.Gen. Services36
Oubre, JoiProject AssistantGen. Services25
Ozler, Ibrahim AbeSafety Engr. ElevatorsBldg. & Safety19
Padilla, GabrielaSr. Admin. ClerkLAFD30
Padley, Alan M.PhotographerHousing26
Paguio, Marilyn P.Sr. Commun. Op.ITA34
Paredes, Maria T.Witness Serv. Coord.City Attorney33
Park, Jae EunAccounting ClerkTransportation31
Pascua, Armand SevillaMgmnt. AnalystLAPD23
Pecson, Fernando L.Sr. Admin. ClerkLAFD29
Perez, David DanielStorekeeperLAPD33
Phung, Dong LinhSr. Admin. ClerkTransportation37
Plourde, Lorraine MarieSr. Admin. ClerkLAPD35
Poore, Keith GregoryInstr. Mech. Supv.Public Works38
Porhola, Kim J.Accounting ClerkEcon./Wkforce Dev.14
Powell, Anthony QuinnSr. Traffic Supv.Transportation33
Price, Kenneth RayTraffic OfficerTransportation35
Pro, Mike J.Animal Control OfficerAnimal Srvcs.32
Puckett, Annette DeniseSr. Admin. ClerkLAPD30
Pyle, Wesley H.Power SupplyDWPN/D
Quan, Lou T.Secretary/HRHousing/DWP28
Quon, Mary Fay YuSecretaryPlanning32
Ramirez, Daniel ManuelEquip. Op.Public Works21
Ramos, Marlene E.Legal AssistantCity Attorney28
Resulto, Artemio D.Property OfficerLAPD30
Reynoso, RaymondFleet ServicesDWPN/D
Robbins, Gregory FredSr. Animal KeeperZoo33
Robinson, Lydia DarleneTraffic OfficerTransportation34
Rodriguez, Amador B.Env. Chem. LabDWPN/D
Rodriquez, CynthiaSr. Admin. ClerkLAPD36
Rodriguez, LuisHeavy Duty Truck Op.Public Works34
Rodriguez, Miriam IsabelAccounting ClerkLAPD27
Rodriguez, Susan A.CommissionDWPN/D
Rollice, AugustineCement Finish. WorkerRec & Parks24
Romero, Mike E.Police OfficerAirports27
Rosas, PatriciaSupply Serv. Pay. Clk.Gen. Services31
Rosen, CeciliaSr. Admin. ClerkLAFD32
Rubio, JuanTree SurgeonPublic Works19
Ruiz, AnnaSr. Admin. ClerkLAPD35
Salonga, Maria DaclanSr. Admin. ClerkLAPD20
Sandoval, Julio R.Tree SurgeonPublic Works31
Sanford, RogerTraffic OfficerTransportation34
Schoonover, RobertHeavy Duty Equip. Mech.Gen. Services41
Shamam, AlisaAccounting ClerkFinance25
Shanklin, Bonita RaquelSr. Admin. ClerkLAPD28
Shavely, Linda M.Sr. Admin. AnalystCAO17
Smissen, Ted A.Power TransmissionDWPN/D
Smith, Vonda LoranSr. Admin. ClerkLAPD31
Smith, Walter E.Power New BusinessDWPN/D
Solis, SylviaSr. Admin. ClerkPersonnel21
Sotelo-Castillo, AliceSr. Admin. ClerkCity Clerk18
Speller, DesireePolice Service RepLAPD30
Starks, PercySecurity ServicesDWPN/D
Stockli, Judith R.Sr. Admin. ClerkPublic Works40
Stogner, Allan J.Refuse Coll. Supv.Public Works33
Tamrazian, HaritonMaintenance LaborerPublic Works20
Thomas, Curtis LeeTraffic OfficerTransportation25
Thompson, Robert L.Park Maint.Supv.Rec & Parks30
Tilley, Wanda GaleAccounting ClerkPublic Works28
Torres, Jo Ann A.Accounting ClerkFinance31
Townson, Betty A.Sr. Witness Serv. Coord.City Attorney35
Tran, Hung D.Scenario Dev.DWPN/D
Tran, Lethu T.Accounting ClerkGen. Services39
Tucker, Rodney L.Irrigation SpecialistRec & Parks38
Turrietta, Angelica MariaSr. Admin. ClerkLAPD33
Valdez, Robert H.Sr. Admin. ClerkHousing17
Valencia, Virginia AliceSr. Admin. ClerkPublic Works32
Veasey, Darla LanitaSr. Admin. ClerkGen. Services33
Velazquez, DeliaCivil Eng. Draft TechPublic Works15
Viduya, Leah P.Human ResourcesDWPN/D
Villasenor, AlbertoStorekeeperGen. Services32
Viveros Mueller, EvelynSr. Admin. ClerkLAPD32
Wagstaff, Nancy J.Sr. Admin. ClerkTransportation35
Wai, Winford L.JFB/FacilitiesDWPN/D
Walker, Wanda JeanPr. ClerkPlanning22
Wang, Tien JenSr. Structural Eng.Bldg. & Safety21
Weipert, Daniel J.Accounting ClerkPublic Works19
Welch, Libert C.Transitional WorkerRec & Parks34
White Whetetto, SharonSr. Admin. ClerkLAPD40
White, Darlene E.M.Commun. Info. RepSr. Admin. Clerk34
Wiley, Dorothy NellSr. Admin. ClerkLAPD25
Williams, DonaldWater DistributionDWPN/D
Williams, Duran M.Transitional WorkerPublic Works30
Woo, Jill ElaineSr. Police Service RepLAPD31
Woods, Elgina JoyceAccounting ClerkController’s Office35
Wright, Darryl KennethTraffic OfficerTransportation32
Wright, RobinTraffic OfficerTransportation33
Yanez, LeticiaWitness Serv. Coord.City Attorney19
Young, DinoTruck Op.Public Works32
Zamora, Russell R.Solid Resource Supt.Public Works27
Zuniga, Irma H.Sr. Admin. ClerkLAPD40