Here’s a listing of all those who retired from the City this month.

To all we say, welcome to the Best Years!


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Abdellah, Maria A.CustodianAirports17
Adame, GerardoGardener CaretakerRec & Parks14
Alvarez, EnriqueCustodianAirports19
Alvarino, Magno A.Bldg. Op. EngineerAirports21
Anzora, AndresCustodianAirports17
Aparicio, Maria L.CustodianAirports15
Argueta, Audelino B.CustodianAirports17
Arnold, ElizabethRetirement PlanDWPN/A
Ascano, Maria PajaCriminalistLAPD10
Avalos, EufemiaCustodianAirports17
Ayson, Jesus F.AccountantAirports13
Barroso Diaz, NaborCustodianAirports15
Bijou, Sandra MarieSr. Person. AnalystAirports30
Blustein, DanielSustainabilityDWPN/A
Bock, EricAqueductDWPN/A
Bolivar, Walter G.CustodianAirports15
Botros, Atef Y.Airport GuideAirports10
Bravo, Frank B.Sr. Parking Attend.Gen. Services21
Briones, SantiagoEnv. Chem. LabDWPN/A
Brown, Roylan G.Traffic OfficerTransport.11
Bustamante Canales, SoniaCustodial Srvs. Asst.Airports10
Calderon, AbelSupply ChainDWPN/A
Cameron, John M.Boat CaptainHarbor18
Campos, DonatoCustodianAirports20
Castillo, GeorgeEnergy SupportDWPN/A
Castro Hernandez, MariaCustodianAirports17
Cecena, RefugioCustodianAirports17
Cervantes, LiliaCustodianAirports15
Chacon, Lynda LouiseAirport GuideAirports8
Chavarria, GracielaClerk Steno.LAFD7
Ching, Pauline AnnAirport GuideAirports6
Chou, IrvingJFB/Facilities Mgmt.DWPN/A
Cruz, DanielPower TransmissionDWPN/A
Cruz, RaySolid ResourcesPublic Works36
Cruz, Vilma EduardoCustodianAirports17
Cruz Garcia, Blanca L.CustodianAirports17
Cuellar, Amanda L.CustodianAirports20
Curtis, CumiSr. Admin. ClerkAirports13
Custodio, Isauro CaparazSecurity OfficerAirports11
D’Oyen, CherylCustomer ServiceDWPN/A
Dasselaar, CarlaGardener CaretakerPublic Works23
Davis, BernardSecurity OfficerAirports21
Ehlen, Douglas A.Constr. InspectorAirports12
El Masri, Basma A.Airport GuideAirports12
Evans, KelvinPower SupplyDWPN/A
Fernandez, FidelindoProgrammer/AnalystAirports30
Garcia, AbelinaCustodianAirports15
Garcia Aguilar, MariaCustodianAirports17
Gomez, CarlosJFB/Facilities Mgmt.DWPN/A
Gonzalez, Alberto S.Spec. Programs Asst.Rec & Parks6
Gonzalez, IsabelPolice Service RepLAPD35
Gonzalez, Norma HortaCrossing GuardTransportation3
Guardado, RebecaCustodianAirports17
Guinto, Heddy B.Administrative ClerkRec & Parks39
Gunapala, DeegodaMaint. LaborerAirports14
Haerle II, DavidPower ConstructionDWPN/A
Hanna, Mina H.Sr. Airport EngineerAirports30
Haro, Theresa AnnSr. Admin. ClerkCAO25
Heard, SamSecurity OfficerAirports12
Hebert, RobertSr. Constr. InspectorAirports31
Higginson, TheodorePower SupplyDWPN/A
Holmes, Arthur MackPolice Service RepLAPD17
Honda, Stuart T.ElectricianAirports21
Hormaza-Salcedo, RamonElectricianAirports14
Houser, KenPower SupplyDWPN/A
Hu, Angie H.Fiscal Sys. SpecialistAirports29
Irons, Elaine L.Airport GuideAirports8
Isahakian, NormaDir., Street LightingPublic Works32
Iseri, Christine D.Mgmt. AnalystAirports32
Jablonski, Kevin JayCh. Police Psycho.LAPD23
Jackson, AmaliaCustodianAirports22
Jackson, Bettye L.Sr. CustodianAirports20
Jackson, David E.Pr. Constr. Insp.Airports34
Jeffery, RobinPower TransmissionDWPN/A
Jenkins, Bennie J.Sr. CustodianAirports35
Jimenez, Steve D.Cement Finisher WorkerAirports33
Johnson, KimSystems AnalystAirports34
Johnson, MichaelConstr./Maint. Supv.Airports30
Jones, Dorothy M.Custodian SupervisorAirports24
Keenan, ThomasPower ConstructionDWPN/A
Krugler, Leonard A.Environmental Spec.Airports22
Kwan, Angus W.AccountantAirports15
Ladwa, ManjiConstruction Insp.Airports19
Lara, PauletITSDWPN/A
Lara, Pedro R.Financial ManagerAirports31
Le Blanc, Micaela J.Info. Systems Mgr.Airports33
Lee, Kwong LunSr. AccountantLACERS11
Leitch, Bruce DanielElectricianAirports26
Leonard, Michael A.Sr. Manage. AnalystAirports35
Lewis, Cynthia B.SecretaryAirports34
Lewis, Deborah A.Sr. CustodianAirports20
Lillard, Michael DavidSup. of OperationsAirports11
Limon, Arthur G.Sr. PainterAirports35
Lingat, Lilibeth G.Mgmt. AnalystAirports32
Loera, Miguel AngelIrrigation SpecialistAirports29
Logan, Morag A.Environmental Assoc.Public Works5
Lopez, Esteban S.Gardener CaretakerAirports27
Lucio, Lenore H.Maint. SupervisorAirports22
Mahaley, Linda FayeMgmt. AnalystAirports30
Markalande, AgboOffice Engin. Tech.Airports29
Marquez, ArthurGardener CaretakerAirports35
Martin, ClarenceWater OperationsDWPN/A
McMahan, Michael A.Administrative ClerkAirports18
McCombs, David W.Civil Engin. Assoc.Airports32
McMullen, Cynthia R.Mgmt. AnalystAirports27
Moayedi, MohsenEmergency Mgmt. Coord.Public Works31
Morgan, RhondaJFB/Facilities Mgmt.DWPN/A
Mouton, Charisma D.Sr. CustodianAirports19
Mouton, Vincent H.Traffic Painter Sign PosterAirports32
Mumau, Thomas H.Sr. Person. AnalystAirports30
Nero, Randolph S.Maint. SupervisorAirports32
Nurinda, Francisco J.CustodianAirports22
O’Connor, MarkInfo Systems Mgr.Airports30
Obilana, Robert A.Security OfficerAirports30
Oliver, Gerald A.CustodianAirports35
Pagan, Jeannett W.Sr. Admin. ClerkPublic Works30
Parker, Mary EllenSr. Person. AnalystAirports24
Pattison, Ethel L.Airport Info. SpecialistAirports19
Penn, ReubenGardener CaretakerAirports27
Perez, Ricardo A.Gardener CaretakerAirports26
Pettigrew, OlivetteAccounting ClerkAirports34
Phillips, GlennSr. Constr. InspectorAirports31
Phoenix, Annette M.Sr. Admin. ClerkBldg. & Safety32
Pugh, Bruce E.PainterAirports17
Reyes, Francisco H.Tranisitional WorkerAirports25
Richardson, CharlesPower Reg. Comp.DWPN/A
Rodriguez, ReneConstr./Maint. Sup.Airports24
Rubio, EnedinaSpecial Programs Asst.Rec & Parks7
Ruiz, HugoCustodianAirports22
Samonas, ChrisPower TransmissionDWPN/A
Santana, Luis C.St. Services Sup.Public Works30
Sexton, Wyvetta G.CustodianAirports20
Shepard-Grimes, KarenCustomer ServiceDWPN/A
Shirley, Patrice M.Administrative ClerkAirports33
Smith, Chris P.Gardener CaretakerAirports26
Smith, DarleneAdministrative ClerkAirports27
Smith, Edward H.Maint. LaborerAirports29
Smith, Sydaris O.Maint. LaborerAirports25
Snee, Agnes J.Accounting ClerkAirports33
Solano, EvelynMunicipal Police Off.LAPD34
Soto, RosaPolice Service RepLAPD34
Sparks, ChristopheCustodian SupervisorAirports34
Sparks, Jimmy RayMechanical HelperAirports31
Stanciell, Darryl K.Sr. Security OfficerAirports30
Stevens, Michael C.PainterAirports19
Stevenson, Paul K.Security OfficerAirports17
Stewart, Brad DavidEquip. Repair Sup.Harbor19
Stewart, Willa C.Bus OperatorAirports23
Swanton, ToddLab TechLAPD25
Tam, RichardITSDWPN/A
Taormina, James F.Tile SetterAirports23
Thompson, ZacharyGraphics DesignerAirports34
Tomono, Duane T.Golf StarterRec & Parks14
Valerio, TeodoricoSr. GardenerAirports25
Van Ness, KathyExecutive AssistantAirports30
Vasquez, Bill L.Sr. CarpenterAirports32
Vasquez, NephtaliCustodian SupervisorAirports39
Verba, RomanMech. Eng. Assoc.Airports31
Villanueva, Roel I.Benefits SpecialistFD/PD Pensions19
Vo, Nguyen V.Engin. DesignerAirports34
Walker, JanSecurity OfficerAirports31
Wallace, Gary J.PainterAirports14
Webb, Russell S.Sr. Mgmt. AnalystAirports29
Wells, Marilyn M.CustodianAirports38
Wesson, Eric V.Solid Waste Disp. Sup.Public Works32
White, Mary E.Maint. LaborerPublic Works18
Williams, Deirdre K.Mgmt. AnalystAirports33
Williams, Ross L.Maint./Constr. HelperAirports24
Williams, Walter L.Security OfficerAirports19
Woodard, JamesWater ExecutiveDWPN/A
Yamamoto, Barbara T.Dir., Airport Ops.Airports21
Yochim, PaulPower SupplyDWPN/A
Yoder, LindaConstr. InspectorAirports21
Zanders, Maria O.CustodianAirports17
Zavala, PedroGardener CaretakerAirports16
Zelaya, Juan F.CustodianAirports15