Here’s a listing of all those who retired from the City this month.

To all we say, welcome to the Best Years!


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Abd Rahman, Khalid A.Security OfficerLAPD8
Adams, SamuelPower TransmissionDWPN/D
Adler, Doris BarbaraSr. Police Service RepLAPD30
Aguilar, Anthony G.Sr. Project AssistantEcon./Wrkfrce Dev.21
Al Sarraf, Sermid DeanSr. Systems AnalystPublic Works17
Allen, Richard B.Survey Party ChiefPublic Works32
Alo, TinaAccounting ClerkPublic Works29
Armstrong, DouglasPower TransmissionDWPN/D
Barajas, RamonAssistant General ManagerRec and Parks36
Behrens, JohnChem. LabDWPN/D
Bobadilla, Fred D.Env. Compliance InspectorPublic Works31
Bragg, CharlesPower New BusinessDWPN/D
Brayboy, Elbert J.Locker Room AttendantRec and Parks4
Brown, AlexanderSustainabilityDWPN/D
Burbridge, William R.Equipment OperatorPublic Works30
Bushey, Craig KennethInvestigatorCity Attorney20
Cahill, RoyAqueductDWPN/D
Campbell, EricFinanceDWPN/D
Campos, Marie T.Pr. ClerkCity Attorney21
Castruita, JessWater DistributionDWPN/D
Chan, Catherine W.Accounting ClerkTransportation18
Chang, KathySupply ChainDWPN/D
Chapa, OctavioRefuse Collection Truck Op.Public Works42
Chavez, ArturoMetering ServicesDWPN/D
Chin, CurtisSupply Chain ServicesDWPN/D
Cho, Pazrica MorabePhysicianPersonnel9
Cleitt, Angela C.Comm. Info. Rep.Airports28
Coons, CaesarSt. Services WorkerPublic Works17
Cordova-Todd, TeresaCustomer BillingDWPN/D
Cota, KarenFinancial ReportingDWPN/D
Crist, Helen C.Sr. Management AnalystHarbor36
Crook, EstrelitaAdministrative ClerkLAPD41
Crutchfield, Paula E.Sr. Administrative ClerkLAPD23
Cruz, Arnold Y.Management AnalystHousing30
Curry, Maria E.Sr. Administrative ClerkHarbor30
Daco, JudithFinanceDWPN/D
David, Jacquelyn M.Pub. Info. DirectorPublic Works29
Davis, ArfieldITSDWPN/D
Davis, Kevin PhillipRefuse Coll. Truck OperatorPublic Works30
Dean, MichaelChem. LabDWPN/D
Dinsmoor, KennethPower SupplyDWPN/D
Donaldson, Regina YvetteTraffic OfficerTransportation21
Eliot, Darlene N.Library AssistantLibrary17
Fernandez, ArleenMetering ServicesDWPN/D
Foster, ScottIntegrated SupportDWPN/D
Fox, DennisPower SupplyDWPN/D
Garcia, Alfred F.Irrigation SpecialistPublic Works35
Gardner, Steven M.PainterAirports20
Garrison, RobertPower SafetyDWPN/D
Geiger, RonaldWater OperationsDWPN/D
Gentry, JeffreyPower TransmissionDWPN/D
Gokey, JamesPower TransmissionDWPN/D
Gonzalez, RaulLabor RelationsDWPN/D
Gonzalez, SusanaCustodianAirports14
Govea, FranciscoITSDWPN/D
Harris, Hazel R.Management AnalystBldg. & Safety32
Hawkins, Carla YvetteSr. Administrative ClerkLAPD28
Holden, MatthiasIntegrated SupportDWPN/D
Hontiveros, MariaBudgetDWPN/D
Horvath, CarlUg. Start Utility Coord.DWPN/D
Huang, Zhan LingDatabase ArchitectPublic Works33
Hughey, Uta M.Management AnalystLAPD34
Ives, FredFleet ServicesDWPN/D
Jackson, RachelleBusiness SupportDWPN/D
Jackson, TerryPower TransmissionDWPN/D
Jackson, Thomas C.Patrol LifeguardRec and Parks12
Jensen, ShermanWater OperationsDWPN/D
Johnson, Maggie L.Sr. LibrarianLibrary41
Johnson, PaulITSDWPN/D
Johnson, Steven F.Ref. Crew Field InstructorPublic Works30
Jones, JacquelineRisk ManagerAirports37
Jones, StanleyJFB Facilities ManagementDWPN/D
Karahagopian, AnahidITSDWPN/D
Kehrmeyer, StevenUg. Start Utility Coord.DWPN/D
Korand, Rameswari V.Environmental Eng. Assoc.Public Works27
Koster, FrankEquipment MechanicLAPD13
Leon-Chatman, Annette K.Police Service RepLAPD30
Lesseos-Lupher, Eva M.Sr. Admin. ClerkPersonnel13
Luevano-Villa, LeonorCustomer ServiceDWPN/D
Lutgen, Mary K.LibrarianLibrary7
Mackinnon, Paul R.Water OperationsDWPN/D
Mackinnon, Paul RichardConstruction InspectorPublic Works17
Mano, Hikari H.Vet TechnicianAnimal Services18
McGeachy, RobertFleet ServicesDWPN/D
Mendez, Clemente G.Equipment MechanicGeneral Services29
Mercado, Evelyn M.Administrative ClerkLibrary30
Mills, DavidMetering ServicesDWPN/D
Moffat, Alexander W.Pr. InspectorBldg. & Safety19
Mohammad, SvetlanaCustomer ServiceDWPN/D
Montano, DanielWater DistributionDWPN/D
Morales, Robert N.Sr. Management AnalystLibrary35
Moschos, BarbaraCommission OfficeDWPN/D
Murillo, RosalinaCrossing GuardTransportation9
Nanne, TaoufikComm. Engineering Assoc.ITA22
Neuman, John M.Police Admin.LAPD25
Ngo, CharlesWater EngineeringDWPN/D
Nguyen, ThuthuyITSDWPN/D
Nixon, LesleighPower Supply OperationsDWPN/D
Nunez, PaulinoIntegrated SupportDWPN/D
Nunez, RosemaryWater OperationsDWPN/D
Nuno, MarthaAnimal Care Tech.Animal Services28
O’Carroll, Paul M.Electrical InspectorPublic Works30
Oliva, VincentCustomer ServiceDWPN/D
Oliver, Alexis E.Management AnalystAirports30
Olvera, AlejandroWater DistributionDWPN/D
Orrestad, John P.Management AnalystAirports21
Palmas, EnriqueSt. Services SupervisorPublic Works33
Parker, Robert K.Sr. GardenerRec and Parks33
Perez, Joe A.Sr. RooferGeneral Services38
Petrossian, GourgenBuilding Mech. InspectorBldg. & Safety17
Powell, PamelaMetering ServicesDWPN/D
Radtke, BruceSr. Construction InspectorAirports30
Raftevold, DanielWater OperationsDWPN/D
Ramirez, PriscillaWater DistributionDWPN/D
Ramos, Onesimo E.Gardener CaretakerRec and Parks29
Reddix, KimberlyCustomer ServiceDWPN/D
Richard, LynnSr. Systems AnalystHousing15
Roberts, BoydIntegrated SupportDWPN/D
Rodriguez, Gino CortezMaintenance LaborerPublic Works30
Rogers, CharlesLabor RelationsDWPN/D
Romney, Marilou PolendeyPr. ClerkLAPD37
Roque, LydiaSr. Admin. ClerkAirports32
Rowghani, SusanWater EngineeringDWPN/D
Rubio, DavidPower TransmissionDWPN/D
Rudder, TimWater OperationsDWPN/D
Russell, MichaelFinancial ManagerHarbor17
Sandoval, Phillip M.PainterHarbor34
Sauer, Mary ThereseCh. Administrative AnalystCAO38
Schram, Gary W.Special InvestigatorPersonnel5
Shavely, EricWater DistributionDWPN/D
Siciliano, WilliamIntegrated SupportDWPN/D
Sillman, Martha S.Correctional NursePersonnel23
Sistoni, FrederickBusiness SupportDWPN/D
Smith, Kenneth LeonElectricianGeneral Services15
Smith, Paul McclainLegislative AnalystCouncil44
Spacht, JulieWater ExecutiveDWPN/D
Stone, Leonard Eldon RossSignal Systems ElectricianITA38
Sugimoto, Norman HenryPhotographerLAPD12
Tan, Joyce A.Administrative ClerkLibrary35
Tanouye, GarySignal Systems ElectricianTransportation38
Tapert, KennethPower TransmissionDWPN/D
Thomas, CliveSr. Construction InspectorPublic Works30
Torres, MariselaRetirement PlanDWPN/D
Tran, Kim-Thoa T.ITSDWPN/D
Tucker, StephanGeneral Manager’s OfficeDWPN/D
Udtamadilok, SuvudMatl. Test. Eng. AssociateGeneral Services33
Van Wagoner, WilliamWater EngineeringDWPN/D
Vargas, LarryWater OperationsDWPN/D
Viechweg, RaymondITSDWPN/D
Waters, Charlene RubySr. Management AnalystAirports32
White, Kathy MarieTraffic OfficerTransportation12
Williams, BirdellCrossing GuardTransportation8
Williams, SharonComm. Info. Rep.Airports31
Winkelman, KatrinaAccountantGeneral Services29
Woo, InjuCustomer ServiceDWPN/D
Wright, RichardInvestigatorCity Attorney20
Yim, JustinUg. Start Utility Coordinat.DWPN/D
Yorba, FrankEquipment OperatorRec and Parks34
Yoshinaga, Gloria E.Legal SecretaryCity Attorney17
Young, John WayneStorekeeperGeneral Services31