Money, Time and Energy: Holiday Reflections and Review


Arnette Travis

by Arnette Travis
Author/Activist/Advocate, RLACEI Contributing Author


e of a certain age have had a wide range of experiences during the holiday season. These experiences usually involve weeks of preparation such as decorating your home, shopping for and wrapping gifts, buying/baking/cooking food items needed for seasonal menu favorites, and hosting or attending social gatherings for family and friends. 

The fact that after years of repeating these same actions over and over, year in and year out, might suggest that they are easier to perform. Instead, for many people these have turned into burdensome, unrealistic and for some, unnecessary tasks that cause stress or anxiety.

The execution of these preparations depends on three things: money, time and energy. As we age there might be more or less of these essentials that can lead to stressful feelings. Here are some proven ways to execute these three things without negative impact.

  • Money – Determine how much you can (or want) to spend on gift giving and stick to it. Spending time with loved ones and being present in the moment is infinitely more valuable and memorable than money spent on gifts.
  • Time – Make a list of tasks and social commitments, and then prioritize them according to their importance. Set realistic expectations, and guard against feeling pressured to be perfect in the execution of those tasks, or to attend every social event. Don’t hesitate to ask for help from family and friends if you’re feeling overwhelmed. Delegating tasks will not only relieve you but serve to teach and empower others. 
  • Energy – Take care of you! Make sure you’re getting enough sleep, eating healthy foods, and exercising regularly. Take 10- to 15-minute naps or rest breaks during the day to recharge if you feel run down. You might want to practice relaxation techniques such as yoga, meditation or deep breathing to help cope with any added stress the holidays can bring.

Also remember to:

  • Be flexible – When things don’t go according to plan, being flexible and willing to adjust your plans as needed will reduce stress and open the possibility for new experiences.
  • Focus on the positives – Focus on spending time with family and friends and creating happy memories. 

My wish is for you and yours to own and live in your happiness every day!