Michael and Carol Portnoff are Retirees on the Move.


Meet Michael and Carol Portnoff

Michael and Carol Portnoff both retired in 2010. Michael worked with Public Works, the LAPD and the LAFD for a total of 35 years. Carol worked for 10 years with the LAPD.

They both have different activities and hobbies but also enjoy being able to share activities together as a couple. They enjoy dancing and visiting with family and friends. Michael loves to read and walk while Carol enjoys painting, concerts movies and day trips. They are both members of AARP and are involved in church activities.

Michael’s words of wisdom for retirees are, “You may be surprised with the lack of time you have for recreational activities.”

Carol agrees and adds, “You will be busier than when you were working and getting paid!”

Michael says the smartest thing he did to prepare for retirement was to take advantage of Deferred Comp and to increase his IRA contributions. Carol, on the other hand, says she didn’t prepare, she just jumped at the opportunity to be on vacation for the rest of her life!

Michael and Carol both agree that they miss many of their co-workers. Carol says the only other thing she misses are the holiday parties.

Would either of them have done anything differently in their City career? Michael says he would have kept a low profile. Carol says she would not have changed a thing.

Michael fills his days reading on his Kindle, walking and playing with the dog. Carol says she does not have to fill her days – each day comes with plenty to do and enjoy.

Michael’s desire in his retirement is to make continued improvements (which he says he has) in supporting Carol. And Carol says she is very happy and thankful to be retired, as every day is “my day!”