Sharon Williams is a Retiree on the Move.


Meet Sharon Williams

Sharon J. Williams retired from the City of Los Angeles in 2019 after more than 34 years of service.

She has worked in various departments, including Personnel, Building and Safety, General Services, the LAFD, Airports, and Recreation and Parks. Sharon’s last position was with the Office of Finance as an Executive Assistant.

As a retiree, Sharon has become an entrepreneur and put her talents to work as the owner/operator of Sharon’s Paint for Fun, a painting business similar to “paint and sip,” offering individuals the opportunity to step outside of their comfort zone and try something different while relaxing in the comfort of their own home, or a location of their choice.

“Painting on canvas has been one of my passions since early childhood,” she says. “I find it very therapeutic and thought that this would be a perfect way for those who are ‘sheltered in place’ during this pandemic quarantine to offer online painting sessions for those who may be bored, lonely or just looking for a hobby.”

Sharon offers painting sessions online twice a week – at 2 p.m. Wednesdays and Fridays. Those who are interested in joining the sessions will need their own supplies and can join Sharon in a relaxing painting session in the comfort of their home. The sessions last about 1 to 2 hours, depending on the painting subject.

Log on to Richard-Williams and join in the fun. Check for notifications the previous day or the morning of for additional details.

Sharon’s hobbies are painting, of course, drawing, playing the piano, singing, reading and sewing.

Since retiring, Sharon has continued to stay as busy as ever. As the wife of a pastor for the past 23 years, Sharon has been dedicated to the members and operations of her church by coordinating many ministries and events, including the Women’s Ministry and Annual Women’s Prayer Breakfast; Supporting Our Youth Ministry and Scholarship Program; the Annual Spelling Bee and Essay Contest; Annual Arts/Craft Days; the Price is Right (financial awareness for youth); Annual Reality-Check Finance Seminar for adults; and handling the business needs of the church. She is also a licensed minister.

Sharon has been married to Pastor Nathan A. Williams for 36 years and has three adult daughters, one son-in-law and four grandchildren.

She enjoys and looks forward to their annual trips to the East Coast and the South to visit relatives.

Sharon is a member of the Gardena Valley Ministers’ Wives and Ministers’ Widows’ Sisterhood and a LACERS Well Champion (Harbor Region).

Her words of wisdom for retirees or those about to retire: 1) know what your monthly expenses are; 2) budget your projected income; and 3) enjoy your time.

What was the smartest thing you did to prepare for retirement, or did you plan on retiring when you did?
“I bought back maternity leave time and got advice from retired relatives.”

What do you miss or don’t miss about your years of service to the City of Los Angeles?
“I miss the connection with some of my co-workers.”

As you reflect on your City career, would you have done anything differently?
“No changes. I enjoyed my City career. I worked in seven different departments with a lot of great people. It was a great experience and I gained a lot of knowledge. I should write a book!”

How do you fill your days?
“I attend the Los Angeles Bible Training School, babysit, go to movies and shop.”

If you could change one thing about retired life, what would that be?
“I would travel more with family.”

Sharon has been featured in Cultural Affairs’ annual African Heritage Month Calendar six times over the past seven years.

For more information on painting:
Online Painting Sessions: Richard-Williams (2 p.m. Wednesdays and Fridays)