Retiree on the Move: Meet Dorothy Tamashiro


Beverly Clark

By Beverly J. Clark, Publicity Director

Retirees on the Move
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Dorothy Tamashiro retired in 2002 after 38 years of City service as a Fiscal Systems Specialist. She began her City career with Recreation and Parks, worked for the LAPD and Retired from the Controller’s Office.

Dorothy is a very active Retiree. In her retirement, she enjoys shopping, gambling, reading, crocheting, traveling and theatre. She loves retirement and keeps herself busy by volunteering, loves to exercise, is active at church and enjoys meeting with friends and family.

Dorothy Tamashiro

Dorothy and her husband, Larry, just celebrated their 43rd anniversary. They have two sons Bryan and Andrew, and one daughter, Danielle. Her son Bryan is a City employee with Personnel. Andrew is employed with Los Angeles County Personnel; his wife Akina owns a vintage business. Daughter Danielle currently lives in Fort Worth, Texas, working in a private school, and her spouse, Neel, works for the IRS.

Retirement has given Dorothy the opportunity to travel extensively. She has visited Hawaii, the Holy Land, Australia, New Zealand, England, Switzerland, China, Japan, the Panama Canal, Italy, France, Greece, Germany, Russia, the Netherlands and Hong Kong. She and her husband have taken road trips across the United States and are scheduled to take a few more soon.

Dorothy loves to stay busy and have fun. She participates in the LACERS Well hula classes on Zoom. She attends the RLACEI picnics and holiday parties where she is happy to see other Retirees, and it gives her an opportunity to catch up. She has also taken the safe driving, retirement and auto safety classes sponsored through AARP. Dorothy regularly attends Beatitudes of Our Lord Catholic Church In La Mirada..

She is enrolled in senior exercise classes at her local senior center. Dorothy volunteers at the Chinese American Museum as a Board member. She does volunteer work at her church and has volunteered with the Family Corporation, the Cherry Blossom Festival, Heads Up Youth Foundation Golf Tournament, Nisei Week Baby Contest and E Hula Mau, just to name a few.

This active Retiree boasts that she exercises five to six times a week and is a member of the gym where she loves to Zumba and crunch. She participates on the Nifty After Fifty machines with her hubby and takesclasses to work on her core, balance and cardio.

She is also a season ticket holder of the La Mirada Theater for the Performing Arts.

Do you have any words of wisdom for Retirees or those about to retire?

“Yes, be sure to have a plan; volunteer, get a part-time job to keep yourself productive and active, and exercise. Stay active because it can become depressing with nothing to do after you’ve been so active.”

What was the smartest thing you did to prepare for retirement, or did you plan on retiring when you did?

“Deferred compensation. And yes, I planned my retirement.”

What do you miss or don’t miss about your years of service to the City of Los Angeles?

“I miss my co-workers and the many friends I made during my career – some of whom I see at the RLACEI events. Also, the stress of deadlines, completing projects and then celebrating!”

As you reflect on your City career, would you have done anything differently?

“I probably would have broadened my horizon on my career path. There are so many avenues available to employees.”

How do you fill your days in retirement?

“I exercise in the morning, have lunch with hubby and/or friends, run errands, bake or work on house and hobbies and planning for our next trip. I meet with a group of 11 ladies every Wednesday morning for breakfast, participate in monthly lunches with various groups of friends, monthly book club meetings, volunteer when needed and when time permits, I catch up with family.”

If you could change one thing about retired life, what would that be?

“I would make time to see family more. I come from a very large family, and during the pandemic I was unable to see them all. I missed seeing friends but Zoomed to keep in touch. I don’t get bored because there is too much to see and do!”