Beryne Beckham Dixon is a Retiree on the Move


Meet Beryne Beckham Dixon

Beryne Beckham Dixon

Bernye Beckham Dixon retired in 2009 under ERIP (Early Retirement Incentive Program) from LAPD/Training Division. Bernye worked for the City for almost 31 years. She began and ended her career with the LAPD. During her tenure, she also worked for Transportation and the Community Development Dept.

Bernye has a variety of hobbies to keep her busy in retirement. Of those is music: She often performs live singing solo and with various groups. She enjoys attending jazz festivals, both local and internationally.
Bernye says she is a constant student of life and loves to take classes and listen to podcasts, audio books and documentaries. Additionally, she visits museums, gardens, shops and travels. One of her greatest joys is caring for her two rambunctious dogs.

She also enjoys attending meetings with Jehovah’s Witnesses and periodically volunteers with the Los Angeles Jazz Society.


Any words of wisdom for Retirees or those about to retire?

“Be excited! Plan your activities now! Be willing to help others but also do some things for yourself.”

What was the smartest thing you did to prepare for retirement, or did you plan on retiring when you did?

“A few years before retirement, I increased my deferred compensation and purchased a new vehicle so that by the time I retired I would not have a car note.”

What do you miss or don’t miss about your years of service to the City of Los Angeles?

“I miss the many friendships I acquired during my 30 years with the City. And I can say that the City has the best people hands down! On the other hand, I do not miss rising early, and I appreciate setting my own schedule.”

As you reflect on your City career, would you have done anything differently?

“Yes. I enjoyed all my assignments; however, I could have started my promotional ladder sooner. But I am thankful to have obtained the career growth that I desired.”

How do you fill your days?

“Oh my! I spend my days doing whatever I want. I have morning tea. Then I work out, make smoothies or fresh juice and start or complete a project. And then there are other days I do absolutely nothing!”

If you could change one thing about retired life, what would that be?

“The City does not pay into Social Security, so I lacked the 40-credit requirement. After retiring, I rested a few years, then made a goal to acquire additional points prior to turning 65!”

The Shelter-in-Place order has changed our normal way of life. Do you find this
time challenging?

“I find it challenging, but working in harmony with my prayers has helped a lot. I read the Bible more, listen to books, enjoy my patio and making fresh juice for infirmed friends.”

Are you bored?

“Not at all. I find there are so many things to do to stay busy and active.”

How do you socialize now?

“I Zoom concerts, tours and classes, and I FaceTime and phone my family and friends.”

What do you miss most?

“Attending my religious services, live music concerts, gadding about town, Macy’s and international travel.”