Meet Your Board: Leonard Torres

Beverly Clark

Submitted by Beverly J. Clark, Publicity Director



Leonard Torres,
RLACEI Board Member

Leonard Torres

Leonard Torres has joined the RLACEI board as its newest board member. Leonard was officially sworn in at the July board meeting after a unanimous vote.

Leonard Retired in 2021 from Personnel as a Sr. Personnel Analyst after 35 years of City service. During his City career, he worked in various departments: Recreation and Parks, Mayor’s Office, LA Zoo, LA Convention Center, Building and Safety, LACERS, and lastly Personnel.

As far as activities as a Retiree, he says, “Besides hiking and discovering new places to eat, I’m addicted to Pickleball and plan to be a LACERS Champion for the sport.”

Why Did You Join RLACEI?

“I wanted to be a part of an organization that served as a watchdog for retirement benefits and promoted activities to stay connected with fellow Retirees.”

Welcome, Leonard, to the RLACEI Board of Directors!