Jacqueline Stokes is a Retiree on the Move.


Meet Jacqueline Stokes

Jacqueline Stokes retired in April 2010 with more than 25 years of City service. During her City career she worked in four different City departments: the DWP, Public Works, Transportation and the LAPD.

In retirement, she enjoys several hobbies: traveling, dancing, reading, photography and genealogy. Jackie is also very active in planning trips for travel clients.

Jackie says that retirement has given her and her retired husband the opportunity to spend more time with family, and she is blessed to be able to enjoy so many experiences.

Although she keeps herself busy with many projects, her number one activity is traveling.

“Mention the word travel and I am ready to go!,” she says. “As far back as childhood I have dreamed of experiencing different countries and cultures. Among my travels are Israel, Egypt, the Panama Canal, Hawaii, the Caribbean, and just this past March I visited Europe.”

Jackie is a member of LACERS Well and AARP (American Association of Retired Persons). She sings in a choir and hosts small group bible study at her church. She belongs to the International Association of Travel Agents (IATA) and Cruise Line International Association (CLIA). She also volunteers at the Latasha Wells Amerson Leadership Institute, Boardroom Leadership Academy and Road Chicks.

Her words of wisdom are to enjoy retirement and remind yourself that you are retired first and have a good time. Be sure to create balance, which is necessary to keep you on top.

From left: Jackie Stokes, Capt. Chris Waters, Dep. Chief Regina Scott and a participant attending a Breakfast With Cops Conference for the Boardroom Leadership Scholars.

For those who are still employed, her suggestions are to take advantage of all the current opportunities that will impact your retirement funds, i.e., getting promotions, saving, paying bills off, investing, deferred comp, etc.

Jackie feels that the smartest move she made for retirement was to evaluate her priorities when spending money. “I don’t mean go without. Rather, ask yourself, do I need this? Where will this be in one month? The result will be more money to savings, investment, deferred compensation, etc.”

Does she miss work? “I miss the socializing with co-workers. It’s a treat to run into past co-workers at LACERS Well events, or while out. I don’t miss the daily commute.”

If she could have done anything differently, she would have learned more about investing and the impact of Medicare on her LACERS retirement.

Her days are filled with enjoying retirement and doing whatever she would like to do!

“If I could change one thing about my retired life, I would be more physically active, and maintain an overall healthy lifestyle. I want this retirement to last forever!”