I’m Bugged


Dennis Harding, RLACEI Director

Dennis Harding

There is an Ogden Nash poem that goes: “God in his wisdom made the fly and then forgot to tell us why”

Well as annoying as flies can be, a case can be made for their benefit to nature. They attack insects that eat our food plants; they are a food source for other creatures like fish; and they consume rotting animals, fruits and vegetables.

But despite their value, all we think of is how annoying they are and wish they would just … shoo! Be that as it may, my vote for the pest that defies any logical reason to have been made part of God’s creation is the mosquito. How in the wide, wide world of sports does the mosquito benefit anyone or anything? To me, all they are is a stealth bomber of nature, landing on us and sucking our blood without us realizing it until it is too late, when we start to feel like something is itching us. By then they are long gone, leaving behind days of drive-you-crazy itching … before they are on to some other poor unsuspecting soul. They seem to exist only to gorge themselves relentlessly on our blood, to spread diseases, and to torment us as if we were being punished for some unknown misdoings. Hmm … could that be their purpose? To be God’s little punisher when we’ve done wrong?

Well whatever, I guess it really doesn’t matter what they are here for, it won’t lessen the effects of their torturous mission. And it still wouldn’t make any sense to anyone except to God, and He’s not talking.